How do you make a happy face on Facebook?

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you hold shift and press: this key then this key )and that's how u make a smile face
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What is a happy face?

A happy face is generally a face with two eyes and a smile. View the related link below for a happy face image.

How do you make faces on Facebook?

say if you want 2 make a smiley face u simply do :) or if u want it 2 wink ;) or stick its tongue out :P or big smile :D sunglasses B) there are so many try them all

How do you make faces in facebook?

( sad: happy: O angel: 3 devil: :putnam: like Justin bieber:$) rich: :p tongue: 8) sunglasses: :D exited

How do you make smiley faces on Facebook?

You can make smiley faces on Facebook like you might do for any other website, by using a colon, semi-colon, equals sign, dash, parentheses, et cetera for the face. Also, on Facebook chat, entering certain smiley faces changes the smiley face into an emoticon. Examples: :-) :-D :-P :-/ :( =) (^.^) ( Full Answer )

How Do You Make Faces In Facebook Im?

open the chat and there is a button with a smiley face, click it and then numerous faces will pop up which you can use. you can also type face eg, :) = smiley face

What are some cool faces to make on Facebook?

There are many faces you can make on facebook such as: = happy face :( = sad face B) = dude with sunglasses (^^^) = Shark :|] = Robot O = angel >:( = mad face :putnam: = Justin bieber :/ = unsure face :'( = crying face :* = kissing face :p = tongue face :42: = red 42 in a ( Full Answer )

What faces can you get on Facebook?

) :( :D ^_^ ;) B) O:) :O :P :* 3:) :v :\ ....but there are so much more and even more on myspace i beleive...

Can you breed Happy Pets on Facebook?

Yes, you can breed cats and dogs on Happy Pets. Also, you can breed rabbits and other pets like ducks, turtles etc. You breed them by clicking on the pet and then at the bottom it should say breed with a heart if the pet is an adult. Click that button and remember you have to click the boy, which sh ( Full Answer )

How can you get a happy aquarium on Facebook?

Well, Happy Aquarium is totally free. To get your membership, you go to the search panel and type in Happy Aquarium. Next, you go to view application and there, you can start your own, virtual tank.

How do you make money on happy island for Facebook?

buy shop and it will get more attractive on your island, the more people visit to your island the more you will be earning.

Happy pets on Facebook?

Happy Pets is a game on Facebook where you can adopt pets, earn coins and take care of them. Right now, you can adopt cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, rabbits, ferrets, and a lot of other varieties of different pets. Unlike some other games, on Happy Pets your pets do not die ever. You have to feed th ( Full Answer )

How can you get Facebook credits in happy aquarium on Facebook?

There are a few different ways ... 1.) You can do various surveys or sign-ups for credits. An ex. would be to sign up for a 90 trial for another website, or answer 1,000 personal questions for data/ geographics. 2.) Use your credit card. You can simply click on "buy credits" and they will give you ( Full Answer )

How do you quit happy aquarium on Facebook?

There are two things you can do to quit any application in your facebook. You can just go to another page in facebook. Or, logout your account in facebook.

How do you enter happy aquarium on Facebook?

you search Happy Aquarium on facebook. Then, when you're on the page there is an icon there that says "add to application." You must click it and then it will turn you to the page Happy Aquatium. Enjoy..:)\n

On Facebook how do you get cash on happy pets?

You can receive money from showing the laser 2 your pets. Some other ways r petting your pets and feeding them. Another great way is 2 click on the piggy bank. It gives you free money every day! Cleaning the litter box gets you cash and gives u XP. A sad way 2 get cash is selling your pets.

What do you have to do to get cash on happy pets on Facebook?

Unfortunately, that usually requires real money for purchasing,although with some games you can watch a video to earn one or two.Most of the other ways to earn (like answering questions) are justscams to get you to buy something though, so if you want to playthe game without spending money, stick to ( Full Answer )

Why does putnam make a face on Facebook?

The reason :Putnam: makes a face on face book is because Ian Hecox, half of the LEGENDARY Smosh, paid 60,000 dollars to put his face there and he called it Putnam to pay an omage to his mom who used to call him her little Putnam

Do happy pets on facebook die?

They can if you don't visit them for a year! but otherwise they starve until you feed them and if you don't feed them they won't grow.

What is all the faces you can make in the world on myspace IM and facebook IM?

-O - duh 3:) - princess :#- shhhhhh %) - confused :-& - sick 8-| - roll eyes (:|- yawn :( - sad :(( - crying :) - happy :)) - laughing -: - rebel :=" - whistling Q) - nerd with big teeth :E - super mad :O - surprised O:) - angel }:) - devil P) - pirate :P - sticking out tounge ( Full Answer )

How you make happy faces on facebook?

( =sad :) = happy >:( =squinting eye O:) =angel :P =silly :D =smile :O =omg :3 =cute B) =sunglasses 3:) =angry :v = pac man

How do you make a happy face using the keyboard?

it depends on the smiley face sad :( shift semicolon, open bracket (shift9),(shift0) smiley :) shift semicolon, close bracket open mouth smiley :0 shift semicolon, 0 (zero not 0) wink smiley ;) semicolon (without the shift!) wink mouth open smiley ;0 ENJOY

How do you make all the faces in facebook im?

click on the little box then click "options" then go to show only names of online freinds, if theres a check by it then click it but if there isn't a check by it then im sorry but i have no idea wat your talking about

How do you do face to face chatting on facebook?

you can go on video chat you just start chatting and up the top of your chatting box there should be a camara and you click on that then say yes (comfirm) and it can only work if you have a camara on your computer (ipad, ipod, iphone).

How can you talk face to face on Facebook?

Previously you could only use chat. This has, however changed. In the chat window of the person you wish to talk to, there should be a video camera icon, that when hovered over, says "Start a video call with [Name]". You will need a plugin first, and once the FaceBook video chat plugin is installed ( Full Answer )

How can you make the faces on the facebook chat box?

You can't make them be on there. They go on there by themselves. I don't know why thee faces aren't showing up on yours, but maybe it will take some time for them to start showing up. Good Luck! :)