How do you make a person jealous?

If u are a boy follow this steps:

  1. Figure out why you want to make her jealous. Is it because she made you jealous? Because you want her to like you? If you don't know the reason you want to make her jealous, then you more than likely shouldn't try to; there are other feelings/emotions that you need to be looking into.
  2. 2

    Smile when you're with another girl. This is an almost surefire way to make someone of either sex jealous. If she sees that you're enjoying yourself with another girl, then she will more than likely want to be that other girl. Laugh more than you usually would with the other girl, hold her hand if you can... anything to show intimacy and those type of feelings.

  3. 3

    If you have no one like mentioned above, make up a girlfriend. Just casually mention her in conversation; do not shove the girlfriend down her throat. If you do, then one of two things could happen.

    • She could get mad that you keep talking about her and not want to talk to you period.
    • She could catch onto the fact that you made the girlfriend up, and get mad. Either way, the end result will be negative on your part.
  4. 4

    Be unavailable. When she wants to talk/text/IM, talk to her for a minute and say you have to go, or just ignore her. She will be jealous for your attention and time.

If u are a girl follow this steps:

1 rule: stop calling him and treating him like he is the most important thing in your life. Totally ignore him ( dont reach out to him)

2: Try not to answer his calls at least half of the time.

3: Once he calls you, ask who is it, and say oh you sound different, but uhh hey let me call you back in a sec. A sec can be as long as you like. The longer the better

:4. Talk about what your future plans are and how much of a sucess you will be one day in a convo or two

5: Look nice and appear very elegant smart and confident especially in front of his friends. Hold your head up and wear a big old smile at all times. Hell think wow is she better without me

6. Try not to look him in the eye as often when you talk to him but kinda scan the room as if there maybe better things going on other then him. Wear a watch and check it a few times like you have somewhere to be. Once he asks why havent you call, tell him you been overloaded with wedding parties and church functions, ladies night out, school. Anything that will make him think he is the least priority.

7.Go to the gym. Men love ladies who shows a new interest in their bods. Eat healthy

8 Make sure you have a friend call when he's around and dont pick it up. He'll wonder if its a male or a female. If he ask, tell him its just a friend it can wait. Hell think. oh is this how she feels about me when I call and no answer?

9.Treat him nice as if your over him, no hard feelings. Anger displays feelings

10. Ask about an old friend and say saw him the other day, but im not sure if he saw me. Men will wonder what made you think of the friend at that moment.

These are all very harmless and unobvious ways to make him jealous. Never try to hard because you will only look like a fool. If he knows your motive, he will run. Therefore keep it plain and natural. Hey no sweat your the hottest chick.