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You can't MAKE anyone love you. Love is a choice and a person either loves your or they don't.
Become friends with your crush and love may grow out of that.

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Q: How do you make a person love you?
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How can you make him love you so much?

You can not make a person love you.

How do you make a person fall in love?

You can't make a person fall in love ,love happens when two people have a really strong conection

What are some songs to sing that will make a girl fall in love with you?

A song does not "make" a person fall in love. Love comes naturally with knowing a person and who they are. People can not make another person love or like them. A song may set the tone for an evening of romance. Go to the "oldies" for good love songs.

You are in love with person and he is in love with you but you are afraid to be close to him what can you do to bring closure?

You should make love to him. Immediately.

Why do you feel love?

You feel love because you are always with that person. They make you happy.

What to say to make a girl love you?

Words don't create love and you cannot make a person love you. Love develops from similar interests, mutual attraction, mutual respect, and starts with another person realizing they like to be with you. The best way to cause a person to love you is to be lovable.

If a man you love is in a relationship with his first love how can you make him fall for you and forget about her?

Sometimes you should accept the ability to love from a distance. If you love the person, then allow them to be happy with the person they love.

What do you do when you love some one?

when you love someone, you make sure you are in love. Than you tell the person you love how you feel.

How do you say i love you to one person?

You say "I love you to one person." It won't make much sense but it will make you feel a lot better having said it.

How do you make someone not love someone?

You can't. People have the free will to choose and will love whom they love, no matter what another person does. You can tell lies about the said person to make them seem less desirable.

How can You tell a Person is. Ready. To. Make love?

When they are crazy in love with you and old enough to really know what love is.

How do you fall in love with Robert Pattinson?

A person cannot make themself 'fall in love.'

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