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How do you make a person love you?


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You can't MAKE anyone love you. Love is a choice and a person either loves your or they don't.
Become friends with your crush and love may grow out of that.

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You can not make a person love you.

You can't make a person fall in love ,love happens when two people have a really strong conection

A song does not "make" a person fall in love. Love comes naturally with knowing a person and who they are. People can not make another person love or like them. A song may set the tone for an evening of romance. Go to the "oldies" for good love songs.

Words don't create love and you cannot make a person love you. Love develops from similar interests, mutual attraction, mutual respect, and starts with another person realizing they like to be with you. The best way to cause a person to love you is to be lovable.

Sometimes you should accept the ability to love from a distance. If you love the person, then allow them to be happy with the person they love.

You feel love because you are always with that person. They make you happy.

You say "I love you to one person." It won't make much sense but it will make you feel a lot better having said it.

You can't. People have the free will to choose and will love whom they love, no matter what another person does. You can tell lies about the said person to make them seem less desirable.

when you love someone, you make sure you are in love. Than you tell the person you love how you feel.

A person cannot make themself 'fall in love.'

You can't really make someone fall in love. You might tell a person that you are in love with him or her; and if the other person reacts favorably, then fine.

not at all no one can make themselves fall in love and if they think they can they just make themselves crush on that person.

Of course you have to sincerely apologise to the one that you love. Make sure that you know what you have done wrong and make it up to her/him. This way, the person you love will know that you meant what you say and forgives you. All the best to you.

* You can't make a person love you just because you love them. Try friendship at first if you hang out with the same crowd and see what happens from there.

you cant make them but b yourself if they dont love you 4 u they dont love you at all

They are trying to make themselves believe it when they really don't. This person is saying something that they really don't mean.

Not at all, it feels lovely and it's a wonderful experience do it with the person you love!

no she a belly dancer not a geine or love person :)

How much the person unselfishly gives to you is how much they love you. How many sacrifices they make for you.

You can't make a person love you. Just wait till the girl is ready to say "I love you".

cuz they make u feel good. they make you laugh. their special to you.

Feelings!Maybe the things the other person does to make him/her happy.

Because you feel your partner doesn’t love you or make you feel he loves you

You can fall in love with anyone, provided the person is receptive to love. Make your interest known and move on from there.

No it does not make you a bad person it just shows you have the confidence to talk to people about it and when it comes to love, age is no limit. Just go ahead. Be yourself.

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