How do you make a pimple go away?

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You can use soap it helps for me.

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Q: How do you make a pimple go away?
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How do you make the redness in a pimple go away fast?

There are many ways one can make the redness of a pimple go away fast. A few ways are to put ice on the pimple, use eye drops on the pimple, and put a dab of toothpaste on the pimple.

How does one make a big pimple go away?

In order to make a big pimple go away there are many different home remedies. One of the most important things is to not put pressure on the pimple and leave it alone.

How do you get a large pimple to go away fast?

you have to pop the pimple

How do i make my pimple go away overnight without popping it?

Put a bullet through it. You'll make it go away. In the process you might go away as well. All the best!

Does putting ice on a pimple make it less red?

it makes it swell and go away faster.

How do you get a small pimple less noticeable?

You could cover it with concealer and/or foundation, or try using a face mask to make the pimple go away faster

What do i do if a pimple doesnt go away?

Pimple will disappear naturally, you don't need to do anything.

How do you make a pimple go away over night?

Ever heard of proactiv or clean and clear? Oh man.

What happens if you pop a pimple on your penis?

It'll scab, heal and go away like a normal pimple. :D

How do you make a pimple go away in less than five minutes?

Stab yourself thirty seven times in the chest.

What could cause a Small pimple that doesnt go away at outside corner of eyelids?

It's probably a sty that is harmless. Think of it as a pimple that will go away with some time. Typically mine are white/skin colored.

Will a pimple on your buttocks go away?

Pimples are caused by bacterial infection and there is a good chance it will go away if treated with antibiotics or bursts to clean the away the pus

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