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I kept my rat in a large plastic container, he got sick because I didn't put the right lid on it. Get a MESH chicken wire, small enough that he can't squeeze through.

AnswerI asked the question and I'm taking about a container at least 20cm by 20cm or more. Preferably, 50cm by 30cm and at least 20cm height.

Plus...Plenty of breeders (of pet mice) use large (25in by 20in) plastic containers to house their mice because it is a lot cheaper and because most pet shop cages are way too small.

Please ReadREAD THIS PLEASE! YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW THIS!!! Ok, I have a hamster, and the one thing I would recommend is not putting your mouse in a plastic container. They need a lot of exercise, so, they are a lot better off being in a cage with a wheel and bedding because they use the bathroom a lot and considering that pet hamsters, mice, etc. like to keep themselves clean it's also a good idea to keep their living quarters clean. Otherwise, they can get mites. You can buy cages that have food bowls, drinking bottles, wheels, and etc. in them. I'm sorry but I just don't recommend putting your mouse in a plastic container no matter how big the container is. Also, they love to chew and it will chew straight through that lid and get loose and you may never find it. Believe me, one of my hamsters chewed through thicker plastic than that. So I really really really wouldn't recommend it because that will happen. I hope you listen to my advice.
2011-09-13 05:22:55
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