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How do you make a playlist?

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that was my question I'll tell you when I find out

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How do you add a new playlist on YouTube?

To make a new playlist you do the same you did to make your first playlist

What is a Playlist on grooveshark?

A playlist is a group of songs that people make and you can listen to. You can also make a playlist if you're a member.

How do you make a playlist on Ares?

Right Click then Add to Playlist (:

What are playlist tags?

playlist tags are the things that you make your playlist from. things such as an ipod,mp3 player,and itunes.

Can you make a playlist on YouTube if you're not a member?

no ,you have to have an account to create a playlist.

How can you make a YouTube video repeat?

You can make a video repeat by adding it to your playlist and selecting the "play all" option in the playlist. To create a playlist, go to the video page of the video you want to add to your playlist and select the "add to" tab and create a new playlist or add it to an existing playlist that you have. Remember that you must be logged in to create a playlist.

Where can you make a playlist?

You can make a playlist on iTunes, Limewire, Imesh, nutsie and other varieties of music programs.

How do you make top ten list videos?

If you are on youtube then you can make a new playlist (call it whatever you want) then click "add to playlist" which automatically adds to the playlist you want.

How to make a playlist on soundcloud?

Making a playlist on SoundCloud can be done by going to your SoundCloud profile, and clicking on "Create New" tab. To add a song to your playlist, click on the "Add To Playlist" button.

Can you have two libraries in windows media player?

Try making a playlist. You can make multiple playlist.

How do you add a playlist to your iPod touch?

you first make the playlist in your Itunes, then drag it to your ipod, after that its as simple as dragging songs from your Itunes to the playlist that you dragged to your ipod

How do you post your playlist onto GaiaOnline to your page?

First, make a personalized playlist at Then once you have that, put the URL for your playlist in the media section of your profile.

How do you make a playlist on iTunes?

To make a playlist on itunes you have to click on the plus sign that is in the bottom left hand corner. Then name that playlist with your name or whatever... To get only your music on your playlist you have to buy music and then drag it from your library and let it go when it is over your playlist name. Hope it helps and sorry if some things aren't clear. :)

How do you make a CD on iTunes?

To burn tracks on to a CD:Create a Playlist and add the required tracks to the playlist.Right click on the playlist and select Burn to Disc from the menu.

How to download the music on itunes to a blank CD?

Make a Playlist in iTunes and include the tracks you want to include on the CD. Right click on your playlist and select Burn Playlist to Disc from the menu.

How can you make a mix of songs on your computer?

go to file and create new playlist. then drag songs from your library into the new playlist

How do you move songs from ipod to playlist?

First, you need iTunes in order to make a playlist. At the bottom left-hand corner of the iTunes screen, there is a little plus symbol. Click on that to make a new playlist. Name the playlist whatever you want to name it. Then click and drag the songs you want in the playlist over to the playlist's names. You can change the order of the songs according to your preference in the playlist by dragging the song either up or down. Hope this helps.

How do you put a playlist on gaia?

Just go to a playlist making website like and make one and then get a code the playlist which you can always find and then get the code and make a media box on your profile and just add the code in the media box and click save.

How do you put music onto CD's?

Well if you have iTunes you can make a playlist, and make sure you create a name for it, (such as CD, or something). And then you go to your main music library, and add all the songs to the playlist by right clicking on the song and going down to 'Add To Playlist' and then find the name of the playlist for your CD, and then once you have added all the songs you want to add, go down all of the columns (which are usually on the left side), and find the playlist for your CD, and then make sure you have a blank CD in your computer, and then right click on the playlist you want to burn onto the CD, and go down to 'Burn Playlist to Disc', and click on that. I hope I helped some. (:

How do you get to MySpace songs?

make a playlist then you can have as many songs as you want

How do you make a playlist on monkey?

you draw.... you favorite songs.... on their back.....

Where can you make a playlist of the Phillips GoGear Muse?

Du no ya

Where can you make a playlist online so you can listen to those songs?

How can you put a song on MySpace?

go to music in the toolbar then click my music and make a playlist of up to 10 songs go to music in the toolbar then click my music and make a playlist of up to 10 songs

How do you make playlists bigger on gaia?

Well, as in more songs? Get a second playlist. If you want your music playlist to be enlarged you have to get a special set up/ background for your profile.