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How do you make a walkie talkie?

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Each radio needs a receiver and a transmitter. When the push-to-talk button is not depressed, the radio receives. An optional squelch circuit can be used to mute static. When the push to talk button is depessed, the receiver is muted and the transmitter is activated. The details of this are left as an excercise to the reader. To make a radio, you may need a crystal diode.

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How do you make a walkie talkie watch?

tape a walkie talkie to your wrist :)

What do you get when you cross a centipede with a parrot?

A walkie talkie.A walkie-talkie.

When was the walkie talkie first widely used?

when was the walkie talkie first widly used when was the walkie talkie first widly used

Does a walkie talkie headset plug into the walkie talkie?

Yes, If you're talking about a cobra the top has a spot. I think all do so the answer is yes a walkie talkie headset DOES indeed plug into a walkie talkie

Do airplanes have emergency walkie talkie?

yes the airplanes have an emergency walkie talkie

Is there a setting on a walkie talkie to make the range longer?


Who invented a walkie talkie?

Motorola invented the walkie-talkie in the 1930s for War communication.

What is the most important part about a walkie talkie?

I believe the most important part of the walkie-talkie is the batteries you use and the quality of the walkie-talkie. If you do not have good batteries, you can not use it for very long. If you have a cheap walkie-talkie, you won't get a good signal or range.

Who invented the walkie-talkie?

Alfred gross

Who created the Walkie-Talkie?

The creator of the walkie-talkie is a Canadian born inventor. His name is Alfred J. Gross. Go Canada

Which comes first walkie talkie or beeper?

walkie talkie---1930's beeper-----1990's

How can you modify a Walkie talkie?

To do what

What is the differences between a walkie-talkie and cell phone?

the difrents between a walkie talkie is that you can get beter distence

Can you get a Barbie walkie talkie?

If you google "barbie walkie talkie", you'll be presented with the "barbie glitz and glam" walkie talkie. Its available online for about $14. Its great for having conversations, making plans and gossiping with friends.

How does the walkie talkie work?

A walkie talkie is a simple transceiver. It is capable of transmitting and receiving radio signals on a single device.

What brand walkie talkie gives greatest distance and clarity?

My friend have told me Sony brand walkie talkie is great.

When was the walkie talkie invented?


Is there a walkie talkie app that doesn't require wifi?

No I'm pretty sure all walkie talkie apps use wifi

What are some walkie talkie terms?

Over and out' and '10-4' are both walkie talkie terms. Walkie talkies have been a form of communication since World War II.

Why did Donald Hings invent the walkie-talkie?

To better improve telecommunications.

What is the emergency channel for binatone terrain 750 walkie talkie?

The emergency channel for Binatone Terrain 750 Walkie Talkie is channel 968.

What do you get when you cross a centipede and a parrot?

a walkie- talkie

Is a walkie-talkie am or FM?


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Is walkie-talkie a compound word?