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How do you make abalone blank?

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Try this site, an excerpt and the site:

The abalone is a gem shell, multifaceted in color, with opal and pearl essence. It has a hardness value of 4, which is durable and not difficult to work with in regards to breakage. One must be prepared to be very careful when trying to alter its shape or drill it. Lapidary equipment is necessary when grinding and must be water fed so dust from the shell is washed into a holding basin and not into the atmosphere. Breathing the dust will cause lung damage.*

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What is the species of abalone?

Their are nine spiecies of abalone. Their's black abalone, flat abalone, green abalone, pink abalone, pinto abalone, red abalone, threaded abalone, western abelone, and white abalone.

What is the English name for abalone?

Abalone is Abalone in English too.

What does abalone sauce made from?


What does an abalone eat?

Abalone eat algae.

Where do you find abalone?

You find abalone in the ocean.

How long do abalone live?

Abalone live for a maximum of 15 years. for more information about abalone....

What is abalone steak?

An abalone steak is a steak made out of the California Red Abalone. The California Red Abalone is a species of very large edible sea snail.

How do abalone move?

Abalone have tentacles and they move slowly with them.

How big is an abalone?

An abalone is aboutg 25 in long.

Why abalone stocks are so low?


Is an abalone a mammal?

No. The abalone is a sea snail (a mollusk).

How do you make a book in Minecraft 1.3.1?

[blank] [blank] [blank] [paper] [paper] [blank] [leather] [paper] [blank]

How do you use the word abalone in a sentence?

look! I see an abalone

Are there abalone in Florida?

no only in california in the US

What is the collective noun for abalone?

There is no standard collective noun for 'abalone'. However, collective nouns are an informal part of language, any noun that suits the context can function as a collective noun; for example, an abundance of abalone, an absence of abalone, a plate of abalone, etc.

Where can abalone be found?

abalone is found on some coast of some place.

What is the maori name of the shellfish abalone?

pāua is the maori word for abalone.

What part of speech is abalone?

Abalone is a noun. It names a type of shellfish.

Could youShow picture of abalone?


How does an abalone reproduce?

An abalone reproduces by letting go sperm into the water and egs

What is a sentence for abalone?

I love to keep the shells of abalone after I eat them with my favorite sauce.

What is illegal with abalone?

Abalone is a very valuable (high priced) shell fish, and was once on the brink of extinction due to over fishing. It is now illegal to collect abalone professionally without a licence. Abalone Fishermen now have very tough bag limits to avoid the Abalone being totally fished out.

Is there imatation abalone?

Yes, several companies manufacture imitation abalone. Usually from squid.

Does anything eat abalone?

Marine mammals such as sea otters are some of the animals that eat abalone. I've never had it personally, but I know we humans are also abalone eaters.

Where can abalone jewelry be bought?

Abalone Jewelry can be bought from any respectable and known jeweler who carries these types of abalone products. They are made from the finest materials and line ups.

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