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Tell him to go home and apply legally.

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Q: How do you make an illegal immigrant in the USA who has been paying taxes and working a steady job for two years become legal?
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If an illegal immigrant has been in the UK for more than ten years and has been paying tax and national insurance?

They are still and illegal immigrant.

Can you get deported for a misdemeanor?

The guy who said that if you're an illegal immigrant with a misdemeanor, you get deported is wrong. It depends on which state you live in. Democratic states are more likely to let an illegal immigrant go simply by paying the bail charges. In a republican state, the illegal immigrant may not be so lucky (I don't know the answer for a republican state).

During a child support hearing can someone tell the judge that he or she is an illegal immigrant and has difficulties paying the child support?


How can an illegal immigrant working and paying taxes in the US obtain a driver license?

You can't as you stated you are here illegally and under new federal guidelines for drivers licenses you wont have the proper documents required to obtain one.

Do you get money when you report an illegal immigrant?

No, there is no financial reward for reporting an illegal immigrant. However, there may be an award for reporting employers of illegal immigrants to the IRS. If the employer is trying to evade taxes by paying cash for day labor, then they can be reported via the IRS hotline and form 211 can be downloaded from

How do you become a member on club penguin without paying or using a program?

You will have to pay, as any other way will be illegal.

How do you help an illegal alien become legal?

You can help an illegal alien become legal by helping them fill out the appropriate applications for residency and paying the needed fees. This will put them on the right track to becoming a legal resident or citizen.

What are the marriage laws of an immigrant marrying a U.S citizen?

if i am a us citizen by birth and just start working and meet someone and get married and just start paying tax can i file for her to get her green card

Where can you find full free movies without paying or surveying?

This site does not provide information on illegal activities. Downloading movies without paying is illegal.

How can your illegal immigrant husband come back to the US if you have kids and he was deported twice is he able to come back?

He should stay where he is.... We as tax payers are only paying for him anyways. Let him stay there and milk the system like normal.

Argument essay on illegal immigration?

If you are writing an essay on illegal immigration you can use the fact that illegal immigrants are living in the shadows and being taken advantage of by employers. Though they are not paying taxes, they are also being shorted on benefits and healthcare that they are entitled to if working in the United States.

Is downloading music off playlist illegal?

Technically, if your not paying for the music, then yes; it is illegal.

What if finish line is paying you less than minimum wage?

it's illegal to pay your employees less then minimum wage unless the worker is working for tips. It's also illegal to put that they'll get paid less then minimum in their contract.

How can you become a member on poptropica without paying?

It is impossible to become a member without paying that is why it is a membership.

Can child support be collected from an illegal immigrant?

AbsolutelyIf the couple are not married and the assumed father did not sign the birth certificate or a declaration of parentage, then a paternity test will be necessary before the court will address the issue. The court can order a paternity test once the child support suit has been filed.The fact that the illegal immigrant may not be paying taxes or is undocumented is irrelevant.

Is it fair to download songs without paying for them because you are stealing from them?

Downloading a song without paying for it is illegal.

Is paying someone under the table to houseclean illegal and or immoral?

Definitely illegal and probably a little immoral.

We have unknowingly rented your house to a illegal person who is not paying the rent and he has got a interim injunction agains us and is not vacating the house what should we do?

I don't know what you mean by an "illegal person." If you mean an illegal immigrant, housing law has nothing to do with immigration status. If you simply mean that you never entered into a contract with this person, you should go to a local court, and ask for an injunctive order that this person is not your tenant, and must leave.

How do you be a member of wild pets without paying?

dude when are u gonna find out that the only way u can become a free member on ANYTHING is by hacking which is bad and illegal

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As in paying one to mow the lawn?

Is it illegal to sell a car on finance and stop paying for it?


Is paying someone to beat another person illegal?


Can a single mother give her child up for adoption without the consent of the father if he is an illegal immigrant in the state of Kansas?

In Kansas, if the father did not begin paying child six month prior to the birth of the child, he cannot challenge an adoption. Guess how many know this?

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By working and you earn it

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