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You need to remove the water by evaporation.

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2013-01-02 14:43:44
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Q: How do you make concentrated sulfuric acid from dilute sulfuric acid?
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How do you make a 0.1N Sulfuric acid solution from a 5N sulfuric acid solution for a 1000ml sample?

I would like to dilute some 5N sulfuric acid with water, and make 0.1N sulfuric acid solution. I want 1000ml of 0.1N . I think it's a 50 to 1 ration, but just want to make sure. <Volume of concentrated> x <Concentration of Concentrated> = <Volume of dilute> x <Concentration of dilute> Therefore, <Volume of concentrated> = <Volume of dilute> x <Concentration of dilute> / <Concentration of dilute> = 1000 mL x 0.1 N / 5N = 20 mL. Meaning: Dilute 20 mL of the 5N H2SO4 to 1000 mL in a volumetetric flask will give you 1000 mLs of 0.1 N H2SO4 (aq.).

How do make a 5.25N sulfuric acid solution from concentrated sulfuric acid solution?

31 ml to 200ml

Can you purchase nitric acid in a local store?

no, not really, if you can its very dilute... its probably better to make it. Make concentrated nitric acid ~95% by distilling a mixture of 2 parts nitrate salt and 1 part sulfuric acid.

How do you make 0.02N sulfuric acid from concentraed sulfuric acid?

Use 0.54 mL of Concentrated H2SO4 to 1000 mL DiH2O.

How do you make diluted sulfuric Acid from Concentrated sulfuric acid?

The concentrated sulfuric acid should be diluted to prepare diluted sulfuric acid. The water should not be added directly as the tremendous heat would cause an explosion. Firstly, a desired amount of water should be added to a beaker of similar apparatus. Then it should be followed with the addition of the concentrated acid drop wise.

Does water make an acid or base become less dilute?

more dilute not less dilute. "Less Dilute" means more concentrated.

What chemical can make water evaporate faster?

A spoonful of concentrated Sulfuric acid

Why sulfuric acid is non cunductor?

A dilute solution of sulfuric acid (<50%) is a very good conductor. This is because it produces ions in the water that carry the electricity. Concentrated solutions of solutions of sulfuric acid do not conduct electricity well. Sulfuric acid has a hard time making ions with itself (it does not make H3SO4+). Since there is very little water in 99% sulfuric acid, it does not have a lot of ions to conduct electricity. Basically, sulfuric acid does not conduct electricity well because it is molecular, not ionic.

How do you make a 0.1N Sulfuric acid solution from concentrated sufuric acid solution?

Add slowly to 1020 mL of water 3.0 mL of conc sulfuric acid. This will give you 0.1 N Sulfuric Acid.

What chemicals make up TNT?

TNT is trinitrotoluene. It can be made by reacting concentrated nitric acid with toluene. It usually needs a small amount of concentrated sulfuric acid to help.

How do you make 0.1 Molar of sulfuric acid?

9,8 g concentrated sulphuric acid to 1 L of water (attention to mixing !)

What alkali could you use to make ammonium sulphate?

Ammonia, NH3, should be used to react with (dilute) sulfuric acid.

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