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How do you make friends with girls?

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βˆ™ 2009-11-05 15:20:41

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Don't rush things as this scares off girls due to the girl thinking that you are not stable. Just say "Do you want to hang out his weekend I'll take you out to dinner at a restaurant. "I have been missing you for all those years. You have been and always a dear friend of mine." You have always been my friend. I miss you. We had some good times together"

2009-11-05 15:20:41
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What are some new websites for preteen girls?

Try It is a website where girls ages 11-14 can find friends, make friends, and have fun.

If a boy hangs around with other girls does that mean he still likes you?

I believe that boys can have girls as friends, but it is always nice to make sure they are JUST FRIENDS.

Do girls like gay men?

Yes, they make excellent friends.

How do you make friends that are similar to the bratz girls?

You dont- those are just fictional, generic friends. Focus on making real friends.

What are the social changes in girls from childhood to adolescence?

Girls become more mature and have the feeling to fit in and make friends.

What to do when your friends all hate you and there the popular girls?

I would make new friends and forget them or get together and solve the problem.

What type of girl is Justin Bieber like to make friends?

girls with dicks

If 3 out of 7 friends are girls then what percent of your friends are girls?


You like this girl and you took her and her friends out question is do girls act different around her friends?

yes girls try to impress their friends to find out how she really acts take her out by herself Totally! Girls are trying to stay cool around their friends and not make a fool around them. If you guys were by yourselves, she would just be herself.

Friends that are girls?

and what then ? )) girl friends

Why do pretty girls make friends with ugly girls?

A person who is kind and helpful will make a good friend, whether that person is pretty or ugly. Appearance isn't everything.

Why do girls 12 like soccer?

Girls like soccer because it is a fun sport, they get to make new friends, and get plenty of exercise.

How do you make friends with boys?

the same way you make friends with girls.

What do boys not like?

girls that spread rumours, vein girls, girls that pretend to be dumb for attention, girls that wear too much make up, girls with no friends, girls that are mean, dumb girls, overly skinny girls, easy girls, girls that can't dress.

Is it good to date with girls?

It is always very good to date with girls who you like as good friends and make sure that the girl likes and cares for you to.

Your friends don't like girls yet and I have a crush on this girl and if they find out I am afraid they'll make fun of you and stuff what should you do?

They wont make fun of you. And if they do they're not real friends.

What to do when your friends are friends with girls you dont like?

My friends are friend with girls I don't like and last year the girls didnt even like the girls i don't like but now there like all bffs kinda and I use 2 be friends with 1 of the girls i don't like but shes kinda mean and the girls i don't like use 2 have friends but i think they got in a fight but there still friends but they just don't play with each other anymore, so how do I let the girls i don't like be friends again with the girls they use 2 hang-out with but the girls i don't like but who they use 2 be friends with i don't know them. i hate this girl who 1 of my friends like and my other friends like her to... what do i do?

Why do girls worry about their friends?

That is what friends are supposed to do

Why does ash flirt with is friends that are girls?

Ash is always in a private spot with one of his friends that are girls

Does mattyb like some girls as friends?

Well most guys like girls as friends and since MattyB is really young he probably likes a lot of girls as friends.

What are some sleepover dares for girls?

here are some my favorites. eat a oopsicle out of your friends belly button. make a sundae on your friends stomach then eat it.

Are guys better friends then girls?

I don't know. I'm a girl and I find that my tomboy frien is one of the best friends I hav ever had!ANSWERMy group of friends are a mixture of girls and boys but in primary all my friends were guys cause im a total tomboy i make better friends with guys easier cause i share there interests.

How do you make guy friends if you go to an only girls school?

you can make friendship with guy teacher or on way u can make friendship with any guy

How do you say funny things to girls so they like you?

make a really crap joke but dont make it bout her or any of her friends

Were the spice girls friends as children?

Yes they. Were friends