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How do you make lao lao whiskey?


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September 03, 2008 2:18PM

First one must boil a substantial amount of rice.

Next let the rice sit and ferment in open air for 5 days(preferably in a warm climate) this gives you your mash.

Now you will boil the mash in a tightly fastened copper kettle with a condenser as on a moonshine still so that no steam escapes at around 150 degrees F.

At the end of your condenser tube you will have a jug or some other liquid holding device with a filter atop it to catch any impurities.

You now have your Lao Lao whiskey ready to drink.

Note: It is important that a copper kettle is used because it does not rust and other metals that do rust may do so and poison you whiskey.

Also, a coffee filter will do for your filtering.

And lastly to find the equipment needed for the process all one needs to do is type in moonshine home brew kits into Google and you will find a multitude of products. E-bay is another good source.