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Q: How do you make money fast on stardoll?
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How can you play and make money on stardoll?

you cant make money on stardoll you have to buy it you click on more stardollars and then theres all of this and that.

How do you get money on girlsgogames stardoll?

There is a game on GirlsGoGames called Stardoll!

Is there any way to transfer money from webkinz to stardoll?

No, there is no way to transfer Webkinz money to Stardoll.

What is the stardoll e?

its a stardoll you can make it on stardoll ,com from england

Why cant you buy any makeup on stardoll without being a superstar?

Well I'm a non superstar and stardoll says it takes a lot of money to make stardoll and it's true if we didn't have superstar then we'll get all the items (clothes, makeup etc.) which cost real money for stardoll.

Does it cost money to have a stardoll account?

Yeah.. But only if your a superstar. It doesn't cost to make an account. Hope I have helped. I am Whitanny on stardoll! Visit me please!

How do you earn money in stardoll?

You can get money on stardoll by playing games, dressing up dolls, or you can buy some on the website.

Can you send money to yourself on stardoll?


When are we going to have money on stardoll 2010?

you can earn money by doing all sorts of things. by the way my name on stardoll is ajballerina

How do you get the money back from the clothes you sold on stardoll?

well this happens alot, sometimes it takes a while for the money to get to your account but to make it come quicker log out then log back in then money should be there, i hope this helped, jayla stardoll user: .GJ. xo

How do you get money on stardoll?

I am sorry but the only way to get money is by buying it.

How do you make awesome presentations on stardoll?

talk to juiceboxfrank (on stardoll)

How do you make lots of money on stardoll for non-superstars?

When u sign in you get 1stardollar and you ca do play and earn.

How mch do you pay to go on stardoll?

stardoll is a free site :) but if you pay a certain amount of money you can become a superstar. a superstar has many privilages such as being able to buy makeup and make broadcasts! btw, im kiwievie on stardoll.

If you make a fake account on stardoll can you send yourself the money to your original account i made 4 other accounts...mostly for the starpoints but can you send money to yourself?

Sadly, you can't send money to another account on Stardoll. It is sad. I was always wondering if you can but nobody can.

On stardoll what day of the week do you get money?


How do you get money or free stuff on stardoll?

you dont

Do you get money if you recycle something on stardoll?

yes you do

How do you make your background black on stardoll?

add Jaffarom on stardoll and she will explain. :)

How do you go to parties on stardoll?

I wanted to know how to make a party on stardoll

How do you make your age different on stardoll?

you can't my name on stardoll is ajballerina

How do you get into stardoll when forgetting your password and email?

I dont think there is a way. But if you love stardoll make a new email on yahoo or gmail and make a new stardoll.

How do you make stardoll my homepage?

Well actually, now in 2012, stardoll has pop-up links that can take you to a downloadable content to make stardoll your homepage.

What is the gold letter on stardoll?

it is from the stardoll admins if they mail you they ither give you money or they give you free clothes

Is your stardoll money from someone famous?

no it's just from callie to get you started by the way my name on stardoll is ajballerina

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