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How do you make people happy?

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1) Everyone is different and different things make different people happy.

2) Some people can't be made happy no matter what.

3) You should not waste your time trying to figure out what makes other people happy and instead concentrate on making YOU happy.

No one person is on this earth to MAKE people happy. If you do things that make you feel good to do for others that make them happy is what matters. You can do everything under the sun for some people and it still isn't enough to make them happy. Happiness is a heartfelt feeling and a state of mind where you don't let all the negative rule your life. Choose to not be sad. Choose not to be a victim, choose not to be mad. Its your choice, every time. Just as much as it is the other people in this world. Like Marley song says "don't worry, be happy"

ANSWERDo unto others as you would have them do unto you is still the best way. Consider the other person's feelings and act accordingly. Avoid hurting someone's feelings if at all possible. ANSWERYou can make some people happy with helping them with there problem or tell someone they love or some one close to them that's how you can help them.
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