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How do you make polystyrene?

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you pooby an 10 year old
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What are the additives to make polystyrene biodegradable?

The most recent and safest additive that has been used to make polystyrene biodegradable is sugar, first used by chemists in India.

What type of plastic is a plastic disposable cup made of?

Polystyrene. the opaque white cups that you can make fingernails impressions in, are foamed polystyrene. Clear sups that you get on an airplane are general-purpose polystyrene.

How does the law of polystyrene affect consumers?

The law of polystyrene affects consumers because of the chemmicals inside the material and the polystyrene is burned underground and the chmicals gets into the environment which can make consumers sick

How buoyant is polystyrene?

Polystyrene is used to make styrofoam, which is exceedingly buoyant; it can also be used in denser, less buoyant forms.

How do you make fake brick not foam something that will smash?

Make it from polystyrene.

Do polystyrene tiles make a room warmer?


Can you GLUE Polystyrene?

Yes, there are many effective polystyrene glues. All Hobby shops or stores that sell plastic kits sell polystyrene glues. I make many kits and use industrial MEK.

What resin Should you use on polystyrene to make it hard?

I could be wrong, but No resin is needed to make Polystyrene hard.Polystyrene is a thermoplastic substance, which is in solid (glassy) state at room temperature, but flows if heated above its glass transition temperature (for molding or extrusion), and becoming solid again when cooling off.source:

Is polystyrene biodegradable?

Polystyrene is NOT biodegradable

Why do people stick polystyrene tiles on their ceiling?

Polystyrene tiles on the ceiling would be used for acoustic purposes, to deaden echoes and make rooms quieter.

What is rigid polystyrene?

Rigid polystyrene is a hard plastic Rigid polystyrene is a hard plastic

Heat capacity of a polystyrene cup?

Polystyrene (foam): -0.04 oC/sec weights of polystyrene cup: 113.8g thickness of polystyrene cup: 0.1mm

What are the uses of rigid polystyrene?

The uses of rigid polystyrene are containers such as cosmetic bottles, TV cabinets. etc. In its sheet form it is used to make disposable cups.

Is polystyrene or polyethylene stronger?

Yes, polystyrene is stronger

Is polystyrene man made?

Polystyrene is a synthetic plastic.

How do you make polystyrene paint from expanded polystyrene foam?

Dissolve foam in xylene to desired thickness. Let stand until fine bubbles disperse and turns clear.

How is polystyrene made?

Polystyrene is made from the monomer styrene which is a liquid petrochemical. A popular brand of polystyrene is called Styrofoam.

Why is polystyrene called polystyrene?

Because polystyrene is the polymer of the monomer styrene; poli in the Greek language has the meaning of many.

Which has more crystalline atactic polystyrene or syndiotactic polystyre?

The atactic polystyrene is more crystalline than the syndiotactic polystyrene.

Why should you use polystyrene and thermalplastic to make ear defenders?

it blocks out sound.

How do you make an Olympic stadium model out of polystyrene?

shape it using a knife :3

Which types of polymerization techniques are used to make polystyrene?

Atactic and syndiotactic polymerization.

Which materials insulate sound that can be used for ear defenders?

Polystyrene is a good insulator just like thermoplastic there for you could use either polystyrene or thermoplastic to make ear defenders.

What is polystyrene made from?

Polystyrene is obtained by the polymerization of the monomer styrene.

What type of plastic is polystyrene?

Polystyrene, or styrofoam, is a thermosetting plastic