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Run cold water over it.

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Generally, cold air will not do anything for any glue. Some adhesives,especially many epoxies will benefit from warm air. Some other adhesives, particularly those with 100 % silicon will harden faster under cold,running water.

The juice in fresh garlic will also strengthen and harden weak, brittle fingernails.

Some amount of time usually. Thats what I am asking too. I need a really good answer.

Silicon and Oxygen make up sand.

Yes, you can make silicon dioxide out of silicon.

To make your fudge harden try placing it in the fridge for about 2 hours. This will ensure that it is cooled, and firm.

It doesn't harden; that's the entire point. You can refrigerate it for an hour or two to make firm moulds, but it won't harden permanently.

sand? silicon chips? quartz?

Silicon Sulfide is a compound of silicon. It is used to make glass such a windows and eye glasses and also to make microchips and containers.

silicon can be mixed with oxygen to make sand and clay.

yes but you should i mean should not make it harden or else your teeth will be chipped

You do not "make" silicon - it is a naturally occurring basic element, #14 in the periodic table, just below carbon.If you are asking how to synthesize "silicone", a manufactured polymer made from silicon, one method is to react methyl chloride with silicon using copper as a catalyst.There are many polymers called "silicone" with many different properties and an equal number of ways to produce them.Silicone is made by using resin or other types of plastic casting. A batch of RTV rubber and catalyst are mixed together, then poured into a mold and allowed to harden.

Theoretically DNA based processors have the potential to be much faster than current silicon tecnology.

silicon is a compound used to make silicone

Silicon and oxygen. SiO2; Silicon dioxide

silicon and oxygen and yes i am sure this is right

NBA player James Harden made $13701250 in the 2013-2014 season.

It will dry in the sun!

Leave it out in the air and unsealed.

Alloy it or work harden it.

One atom that can form a bond with silicon is oxygen, to form silicon dioxide, SiO2.

Becuase there is silicon in the gas. Silicon is a form of metal so it would only make sense.

I know silica makes it harden faster, and is usually in exploding eruptions.

No. Silicon tetrachloride is a molecular compound.

the flame ops us a wtare to make it harden

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