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Q: How do you make sweet tea without splenda?
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Why does sweet tea get sweeter in the fridge?

I wish I knew...I use Splenda in my sweet tea and it gets sweeter too. So, I'm guessing it has something to do with the tea/water chemistry rather than the tea/sugar interaction.

What would one use the product Splenda for?

One would use the product Splenda for sweetening one's tea or coffee without having the negative side effects of normal sugar. Splenda is a sweetener without calories.

What is negative about sweet tea?

sweet tea can make you put on weight and it can root your teeth away

How do you make tea sweet?

you add sugar

Does Splenda Affect Antioxidants in Green Tea?

Yes, splenda makes it taste nasty. Splenda is not real sugar and it causes you to gain weight.

Does herbal tea or sweet tea make you shorter?

No. Foods or drinks don't make people shorter.

Sugar is added to tea to make sweet tea In chemical terms the sugar is the?


Can you mix sweet tea and vodka?

Yes. Or you could purchase an actual Sweet Tea Vodka such as Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Carolina Sweet Tea Vodka, or Hound Dog Sweet Tea Vodka.

How do you make mcdonalds sweet tea?

It's about 1/2 lb of sugar to a gallon of tea.

What is McDonald's Sweet Tea recipe?

McDonald's has not released their recipe on their Sweet Tea. This recipe is a secret to the public so that they can continue to make money off of it.

Is iced tea bad for you?

No,not at all! It is actually healthier with out sugar,syrup or Splenda!

How do you make the huckleberry tea drink from outback?

Ingredients: Firefly sweet tea vodka Lemonade Huckleberry syrup

What is sweetened tea called?

Sweet tea

Who invented sweet tea?

Good old fashioned sweet tea came from the South!

Is there a dog really named Sweet Tea?

Yes, my dog's name is Sweet Tea.

Is unsweetened iced tea bad for you?

No,not at all! It is actually healthier with out sugar,syrup or splenda!

Are ice tea and sweet tea the same thing?

Sweet tea is a type of ice tea -- an ultra-sweetened version popular in the U.S. South.

What is Sweet Leaf Tea Company's population?

Sweet Leaf Tea Company's population is 43.

How do you make mcalisters sweet tea?

McAlister's tea is just Lipton tea brewed in a 5 gallon ern with over 8 cups of sugar added to it.

What is the water in sweet tea?

The water in sweet tea is water. It's tea because it has tea in it. The sweetness comes from sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Boil water and sugar together, add a tea bag, pour over ice = sweet tea

How do you make Sweet Tea in Professor Layton and Pandora's Box?

Tea No 2: Oasis Berry Contains Oasis Leaf - Brisk Berry Sweet x 2 Oasis Leaf = Refreshing - Brisk Berry Sweet = Revitalising.

What sweetener is used in Lipton diet iced tea?

sucralose (generic for Splenda)acesulfame potassium

How many carbs are in sweet tea?

A Sweet Tea from Sonic Drive-in has 75g of carbs per serving.

What is the best sweet tea for you?

I think decaf but the best SWEET TEA (my fave drink)would be McDonalds:)

Does sweet tea dehydrate you?

The caffeine in sweet tea can cause dehydration. However, tea and coffee as well are made with water which does offer hydration.