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just don't go out much and it will eventually go away

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Q: How do you make the tan go away on animal crossing?
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How do you get a tan on animal crosssing?

You cant get a tan on animal crossing.

How do you get rid of the dark tan on animal crossing wild world?

It will slowly fade, and if u turn it to winter time, ur tan will go away FaSt!!!

How do you get a tan on Animal Crossing City Folk?

Walk into the sun

How long do you stay outside for to get a tan animal crossing wild world?

You can't get a tan. Some of the characters are natrually tan

How do you get rid of a tan on Animal Crossing City Folk?

To get rid of a tan you can use an umbrella every time you go outside and keep from being in the sun for a long time. If you do this your tan would gradually go away.

How do you get rid of your tan in animal crossing wild world?

i think you have to stay indoors alot

How do you tan on animal crossing new leaf?

You stay on the beach for like 15 minutes or longer

Is your Animal Crossing City Folk character able to get a tan or darken their skin?

A tan can happen during the summer if you stay outside too long.

Is there a cheat for a tan modifier in Animal Crossing Wild World v1.1?

no but in the summer speand a long time outside and youll have a tan when you walk in a building

How do you get tanned on animal crossing lets go to the city?

You just stay outside it WILL wear off but you will be tan.

Can you get a tan in Animal Crossing Wild World?

Yes, you can. To get a tan, you must spend time outside during the season of summer. The more you stay outside, the darker you will get. Your tan will disappear over time.

In animal crossing wild world how do you get a tan?

When it is a sunny day with no clouds then stay outside for a while then you will have tanner skin, but it will disappear.

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