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water purification and/or device that produces rain.

plants and atmosphere could produce water

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Water thats on the side of the earth facing the moon will?


Where does th light that the moon gives off come from?

actually the moon doesn't make its one light the sun makes it thats so cool

Why does it not rain on the moon?

There is no atmosphere on the moon and no water.

What are the 5 names for the moon?

lunar moon elclipse thats all i know

What is the weather like outside of the moon's biosphere?

The moon has no atmosphere, hence it has no weather and no biosphere. It has no biodome, either. There is no colony on the moon, no one lives there. It is a lifeless rock in space. That may change some day, but that's how it is in the year 2010.

Does the full moon make people act crazy?

Yes, the full moon can make people act crazy for no reason... but our bodies have allot of water... rumor is that the moon effects water... The moon is something that can not be explained in any way but that... but, I can say, that people act funny around a full moon.

Is the moon the only name the moon has?

The moon is also called LUNA by the greeks just kidding thats not true that it was by the greeks:)

How long does it take Mercury to make one full orbit around the sun?

the moon takes 27 so thats, all we got

Can the clouds cover the moon and then make shape?

Yeah, thats actually how the moon is "crescent" or anyother shape, lol, the moon doesn't just turn to that shape. :D Anyways, yeah, so your theory is correct. Good job :p

what stops the meteors from hitting the close side of the moon?

because of gravity thats why the moon does not fall to earth

Why the presence of water on the moon would be a benefit to human?

because you can use the water on the moon to make energy by combining hydrogen and oxygen in water to make a fuel cell, aslo future astronauts could use the water to simply drink after its been filtered

Why do you use the expression once in the blue moon to mean very rare?

have you ever seen a blue moon? thats why

When does twilight new moon go out of theaters?

thats a hard quistun

Who sang bark at the moon?

check google... thats y it was made

Should mining be off limits on the Moon?

no thats a stupid question

Where is water located on the moon?

no there's no water on the moon

Is there water on Saturns moon?

No there is no water on Saturn's moon

Does the water on the moon have protein in it?

No. There is no water or protein on the moon. So far it has not been definitively proven that there is water on the moon.

Does the moon have water on it?

Yes the moon does have small amounts of water on it. The water is frozen and located on both poles of the moon.

Which came first twilight the new moon or equisetum?

twilight new moon eclipse breaking dawn thats the order

Does the moon moon have water?


Where do you find the commander on the moon on lunar colony?

You will finally find Cdr. Salerno at the BioDome, but you will have to get the Locator Device from the Infirmary in the Research Station first. Use the pressure chamber to squash yourself down to squeeze through to the door.

How did neil Armstrong change America?

He LANDED ON THE MOON! Thats pretty powerful!

What consumers eat the moon cactus?

none thats in posiable all the ways

Does moon have water?

recent study has shown that there is water on moon.