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Do not try to make your cervix efface by yourself. If your doctor feels like you need to go into labor, he will start you on medicine. Its not good for your baby or you to try to do things on your own.

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Q: How do you make your cervix efface?
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What two things does a cervix have to do before baby can be born?

Before a baby can pass through the cervix, it must first dilate and efface.

Make a sentence with the word efface?

The metal on the car will eventually efface from the paint.

When does labor start?

Labor starts when contractions efface and dialate the cervix. It can also begin if/when the amniotic sac breaks

What does 50 effaced and not dilated mean?

this means that your cervix is begining to thin but your not yet dilated. If this is your first baby you will usally efface before you dilate. If this is not your first baby you may likely dilate before you efface.

What is the McDonald technique for cervical cerclage?

Stitching the cervix with a 0.2 in (5 mm) band of suture. The cerclage is high on the cervix when the lower part has started to efface. The stitch is usually removed around week 37 of pregnancy.

What is a sentence for efface?

Although he tried, he could not efface the guilt from his conscience. Erosion threatens to slowly efface the ancient carvings on the rock.

What does it mean if you are 37 weeks pregnant and your midwife syas your cervix is soft?

When your midwife tells you that it means that your cervix is beginning to ripen and possibly efface and dilate. Currently im 1 cm dilated 60% effaced and have been in labor but not "active labor" for the past week. My cervix isn''t dilating so they dont consider that "active labor".

What is a sentence using the word efface?

It will take a lot of time and effort to efface this graffiti.

Can chlamydia make your cervix stay high?

Chlamydia won't make your cervix stay high.

How do you make your cervix dilate?

You can't make your cervix dialate. Doctors use special gels to soften, and thin the cervix when labor is being induced.

How do you use efface in a sentence?

Efface means to rub out or wipe out. Used in a sentence: As a black president, Obama wishes to efface many prejudices against African American.

What does efface mean?

Verb:Erase mark from a surface.Make oneself appear insignificant or inconspicuous.

What is the analogy for expunge?


What is the prefix for efface?


What are Braxton Hicks contractions that may occur during pregnancy?

Premature contractions are sometimes confused with Braxton Hicks contractions that do not cause the cervix to open or efface, are considered "false labor" and may occur throughout the pregnancy.

How many sperm make it to the cervix?


What happens to the cervix during the first stage of labor?

Answer: During the first stage of labor, the cervix will start to thin out (also called efface) and open up (also called dilate). The first stage of labor can take a couple of hours or a couple of weeks (I was in my first stage of labor with my daughter for 2 weeks). Most women usually stay at home during this stage as it is not the "active" stage of labor. The active stage of labor is stage 2. During this stage your cervix will continue to efface and dilate at a much more rapid pace. This ends with the birth of your baby. Then comes stage 3, also know as the after-birth stage. This is when you push out the placenta, which is what protected the baby for 9 months and held the fluids.

Does sex in late stages of pregnancy effect the cervix to make a show?

It may make the cervix show say if ot is done in the second week of the ninth month.

What is the antonym of efface?

Restore, Keep, Retain, Validate

How to make sperm get into my cervix?

Have sex... make him cum. The rest is pretty much automatic.

Is collum the scientific name for cervix?

No. Cervix is the scientific name for cervix.

What are words start with letter e that mean humble?


Could having a cyst on your cervix make it painful to wear a tampon?

Yes, a cyst on your cervix could make it painful to wear a tampon. Tampons can hit the cervix as generally the cervix will sit much lower in the vagina during menstruation. Tampons also can expand into the cervix as they fill-up, lengthways expanding tampons such as Playtex are especially likely to cause this problem. Chemicals in rayon tampons like Tampax, Playtex, and Kotex may also irritate the cervix.

What does doess efface means in ballet?

Literally "obscured" or "erased". In direct connection with ballet, it means "open" as when your legs do not cross each other; they are "open" to the audience. The opposite of efface is croise or "crossed."

What is a prominent cervix?

what is a prominent cervix?