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How do you make your ears smaller?

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Ensure ears are flattern towards the back of the head before sleeping. Over time this will cause the ears to pin back naturally and gradually loose size over time.

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How can you make your ears smaller?

get surgury

Is there a way to make your ears smaller?

Without a surgical procedure ... no!

Is there any way to shrink large ears or stop them from growing How can I make my ears smaller?

Your ears and nose never stop growing.

How can your son gauge his ears down safely?

Do you want to make them bigger or smaller?

Why Arctic foxes have smaller ears than the other foxes?

Arctic Foxes have smaller ears because they need to retain heat. They live in cold weather so their bodies naturally need to be smaller to retain heat and their ears are smaller because they lose body heat through their ears, therefore if their ears are smaller less heat is lost and they will not be as cold.

Are the Arctic fox's ears smaller or larger than the ears of foxes that live in warmer climates?

They have smaller ears to conserve heat. Foxes from warmer areas have larger ears to help dissipate heat.

Do super small rabbits have super long ears?

No usually the smaller the rabbit the smaller the ears it really depends on the genes.

How do you make ears look smaller?

Maybe get double piercings, that way your ear size won't be focused on as much. If you don't consider that, just wear your hair over your ears.

Why do smaller animals have bigger ears?

they don't

Are elephants born with big ears?

No, their bodies are much smaller, thus their ears are also much smaller than the average full-grown elephant

Do your ears stay the same size from birth?

NO. Babies have OBVIOUSLY smaller ears than YOU do now..

What are the animal have ears small than you?

Animals may have smaller ears because they live in cold environments and heat is lost through your ears

What is difference between wolf and fox?

Foxes are smaller, have bigger ears, bushier tails and are solitary, however wolves are larger, have smaller tails and ears, and live in packs.

How would you make panda shaped bread?

Make your bread dough and roll one part into a large circle. Rolle two others into smaller circles. The smaller circles should be much smaller since the ears are too small. Place the large circle on a baking pan and place the two smaller ones in the position for the ears. Let the dough rise until doubled. Bake as your bread recipe directs and then decorate with food coloring.

How are the Indian elephants diffrant to the African elephants?

African elephant have larger ears and Indian have smaller ears.

Can chickens hear better than humans?

No, because they have smaller ears and thier ears have feathers around them.

What is the difference between the Asian Indian and African elephants?

Indian elephants are smaller and have smaller ears.

Do polar bears have large hairy ears?

No, they have smaller, but hairy, ears to help conserve heat.

Why do polar bears have small ears?

Small ears reduces heat loss.It would appear that the species of bears that have the smallest ears are in the coldest climates and are more prone to fighting each other. Smaller ears are much less sensitive to cold and provide a smaller target in a fight. Although their ears are small, their hearing is still acute.

What does the long eared bat use it's giant ears for?

Don't trust the name of this flying mammal!The long eared bat actually has smaller ears than you think! Much smaller...

Why do Asian Elephants have smaller ears?

this is my answer: some elephants live in dense forest and if the elephants' ears are very big, the ears will obstruct its movement through the dense forest

Why did mammoths have smaller ears than modern elephants?

Modern elephants ears' act as a cooling system for their entire bodies...blood is pumped through the ears, which dissipate heat into the air around them. Since Mammoths lived in colder climates, they would not need ears of this size. In addition: Living in freezing conditions, without smaller ears able to be covered by the fur, the ears would be subject to frostbite.

How can destructive waves help preserve your hearing?

The amplitudes of combining waves make a smaller wave or no wave at all so your ears don't get hurt.

Do kangaroos have long ears?

Some kangaroos do have long ears. The kangaroo's ear length varies according to its species. The ears of large species such as the Red kangaroo, Eastern Grey or Western Grey can be up to 11 cm long. However, quokkas, which are smaller members of the kangaroo family, have much smaller rounded ears.

What causes humans to be born with small ears?

Differences in genes can cause smaller than usual ears. They run in my family for instance.