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How do you make your face skinny?

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By drinking milk with tea and eat some crackers.

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Skinny face what can you do?

work out

What does gaunt less mean?

skinny face

How were skinny jeans introduced?

by your face! 7097y89690y9079y89ty89y90u90uj;luiofhgfhfjfjfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Can marijuana make you skinny?

yes marijuana gets you skinny

How can you make your legs look skinny in skinny jeans?

The magic of skinny jeans, isn't just in the jeans. In order to make your legs look skinny, you have to wear the proper shoes. A pair of converse, vans, toms, Uggs, or flats can be worn to make your legs seem as skinny as you want.

What drug makes you look skinny?

drugs dont make you look skinny, they make you skinny because you waste your life with the crap and dont take care of yourself.

Does weed make you get skinny?


Do skinny jeans make everyone look skinnier?

No, skinny jeans can make larger people look larger

Does skinny jeans make your nuts smaller?

No Skinny Jeans Dont Make Your Nuts Smaller Bt Seeaty

Does being skinny make you look taller?

usually you look taller when your skinny

Why was denim and nylon Elastane chosen to make skinny jeans?

because they were skinny

Is there a way that i can loose fat in my legs and make them skinny?

Road running is by far the best way to make your legs skinny

Why girls wear tight jeans?

because they make girls look skinny. If girls wore boyfriend jeans, then their legs would look fat. Yet, skinny jeans, are not skinny and wide as boyfriend jeans, which make girls look SKINNY. (Tight jeans are skinny jeans)

What can you make at home to drink to get skinny?

Lemonade without sugar. Nothing that you consume will MAKE you skinny. You have to move (exercise) and eat less/chew more than you did when you became un-skinny.

What would be better a skinny girl with a ugly face or a medium sized girl with a pretty face?

Whichever one makes you happy and wants to be with you, they say love is blind, when you find the person who you will ove her appearances will not make a difference.

How long does it take to get skinny by doing 100 crunches a day?

Doing crunches does not make you skinny. Eating less calories than you burn and being active (cardio exercise) will make you skinny.

How do they make skinny jeans skinny?

First you go to the store, find your size, then put them on. If they aren't skinny try getting a smaller size.

How do you be skinny like Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus isn't that skinny, she pays people to make you look that skinny, she looks scary that skinny, she is a awful role model and she took pics of her butt

Do diagonal lines make you look fat or skinny?

straight lines make you look skinny. horozontal lines make you look fat and diagonal lines make you look lopsided!!

You cant stand skinny jeans and you wear a size 1 where can you find them?

I get my skinny jeans at JCPenny's or at Target and Im in the same size as you . Your Welcome (lol smily face)

How can you make bigger legs skinny?

i have skinny legs and i think you shouldn't make em skinny they will loook like chicken legs like mine and ul be made funn of but if u want it smaller do squats it will make muscles in ur legs

How do you make your legs skinny?

all you have to do is exercise

What to say when someone calls you skinny?

At lease when i do a handstand the fat from my stomach dosent hit me in the face

Do cheese burgers make you skinny?

no way they make you fat(er)

What matches pink skinny jeans?

Anything sparkly or azzy would make a match with your pink skinny jeans!

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