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How do you make your skin soft?

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1- Apply cream twice a day.

2- Use body cream wash when you take a shower.

3- Drink plenty of water and milk.

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Can red roses make the skin soft?

Yes red rose can make skin texture soft, because of the moister.

How often should i use Baby oil on to make my skin soft?

Baby oil used once a day while your skin is still damp from a bath or shower is enough to make your skin soft.

How does soft water make skin soft?

My opinion is that the soft water gives you an incomplete rinse of the soap and that the soft sodium in the soft water reacts with the lanolin on the skin and actually produces kind of a film of soap on your body.

How can honey help make your skin soft?

Honey helps keep skin hydrated and fresh and prevents drying, it traps and seals in moisture leaving skin soft and supple . You can use honey facial masks or make honey body scrubs for skin care.

Do reptiles have soft skin?

No reptiles do not have soft skin in fact reptiles have scaly skin.

What is the duration of The Soft Skin?

The duration of The Soft Skin is 1.88 hours.

Which cream will make the skin softer?

Use Monsia Moisturizing Cream. Uses really effective ingredients to make skin soft and supple. :)

Is maple syrup good for skin?

Maple syrup is good for the skin depending on the type of skin u have. it is good for rough skin but make cause skin pops on soft skin!!

Do strawberries make you skin soft?

Redness and swelling may occur if consumed.

What can you do to make your skin soft?

I Don't know just buys cream or something

What skin products and improve you skin and heal it?

You can use a type of lotion which would help it heal and make it soft and healthy.

Is the turtle's skin soft or hard?


How do you put lotion in a sentence?

...I use lotion to make my skin soft and relieve itching.

Is the lion's skin soft or rough?

They are soft-skinned.

Does turtle have soft skin or hard skin?

Turtles have hard skin

Is sour cream good for the skin?

Yes it will smooth your skin and make it more soft. It also evens out skin tone, and will help lighten your tan in the summer. I wouldnt recommend it for oily skin though, as it may make it more oily. :)

Why were is not so many tigers left in the world?

because we kill them for there soft skin to make clothing

How do you make your own facial scrubs?

sugar mixed with lotion...and mix together. you can put it anywhere to make your skin soft.

What is mammal skin?


What kind of food helps to make skin soft?

Avocado is supposed to have a positive effect on skin. Mash a ripe and soft avocado up and put a layer on your skin. Leave on for 10 min or so. Rinse. I have heard it works wonders but I have not actually tested it myself.

How can you make your skin soft?

Mud, yes i am serious i have tried it before on my hands and it is beautifulxoxobumblebee1536...........................................................................................................................................

What sort of animal is a chamois whose skin is used to make a soft leather of the same name?


How do you get a permanently glowing and soft skin by natural methods?

Almond oil night application leads to soft and glowing skin.

Are dolphins skin soft?

well it depends but mostly is is veary soft

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