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Managers must weigh the good and bad in order to make the best decision. Sometimes, there isn't a good alternative, but they have to choose the one which presents the least amount of risks.

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Where does the term a cat has nine lives come from?

Cats seem to be luck animals, they manage to escape from some very difficult situations.

What is the root of the word 'manager'?


How do you manage a fleet?

You can manage fleet through a fleet manager.

What is a manager vs a leader?

A manager manage and aleader lead

What is the experience for a customer service agent on handling conflict situations and how did she manage the guest expectation?

experience on handling conflict situations? How did you manage the guest expectation?

What word means difficult or hard to manage?

'Intractable' means difficult to manipulate, or hard to manage.

What does a general manager of a hotel do?

they manage the holtel how they manage about HR in the hotel?

What are the suffixes for manage?


What is the definition of a manager?

Manager is one person who manage the order of working procedure.

What are the Responsibilities of a operation manager?

to manage operations

What is the role of the band manager?

to manage the band

How do use manage in a sentence?

he is a good a=manager..

Becoming a disaster manager?

how to manage disaster

What are the goals of an energy manager?

To manage energy.

What is the task of a manager?

it depend on what you manage finance

What is manage as a noun?

The noun forms of the verb to manage are manager, management, and the gerund, managing.

How you manage files in ubuntu 8.04?

You manage files through the file manager, Nautilus.

How do you use manage use in a sentence?

Did you manage to finish your speech? We need you to manage this company. Can you manage this on your own? Do you think you can manage all the responsibilities of the job? More ways to use it: You are upgraded to a manager. You have bad anger management. I will send you to take a management class to become a manager where you can manage being a boss.

Why is market uncertainty difficult to manage?

Market uncertainty is difficult to manage because it often results from uncontrollable environment factors.

What is the job of a project manager?

The job of the Project Manager is to (among many, of course): - Manage the project - Manage stakeholders - Monitor the project's budget and schedule - Develop the project plan - Manage project conflicts

What does a commercial manager do?

A commercial manager will manage all of the day to day activities of a commercial.

What is the abstract noun for manager?

The word 'manager' is the concrete noun form of the verb to manage.The abstract noun forms of the verb to manage are management and the gerund, managing.

What is the function of portfolio manager?

the function of the portfolio manager is to manage the investments of someone else,such managers are also performing there responsibilities in the situations where one company have many SBU's and then these managers are responsible for controlling these strategic business they acts as collection of investments for the parent company.

What is the noun for manage?

Noun forms for the verb 'to manage' are manager, management, and the gerund, managing.

What does a port manager do?

It will manage ports on your router and firewall.

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