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I am assuming that you are asking this question because the sunroof has malfunctioned due to, 1) blown fuse or bad motor, 2) bad/broken track mechanism, or 3) worn out drive rods.

The only thing the average, non-mechanic can do is to replace the fuse if the motor isn't working. But don't be surprised if it blows the fuse again. To replace a bad motor you'll have to pull down part of the headliner (not an easy task).

If you have a bad/broken track the window will be crooked (one side higher than the other). If you feel adventurous, get a #20 or 25 Torx screw driver and remove the 3 screws on each side of the window (inside the car). the window will pop out. Then you can push the broken side down as you use the motor to bring the good side of the window. Your sunroof is broken, but at least it is closed. Put the window back in and replace the screws.

Worn track rods are similar to a broken track (I think they go together.

Replacing a sunroof is expensive. Doing it yourself is a $500 plus investment. A shop will cost almost twice that much.

Good luck.


From another answerer - also if the tracks are fine and it's the motor or the switch or fuse, there's a manual override. In the '91 to '95 or 96 Saturn S-series, use a flat head screwdriver in the center of the motor bushing. Rotate and as you do the sunroof closes and lowers. In later models it may need an Allen wrench.

The fuse is easy to fix. See the owner's manual. It's a number 15amp in the number 17 slot in the box on the middle console of the passager side.

For parts and tracks, the

Right now I'm trying to figure out if it's the motor or the switch. Since the motor is fine to open and I hear no sound to close, dealer thinks (over the phone) it's the switch.

To get to the switch remove the light cover by prying gently with a flat head around the edges. Then unscrew the light unit. The switch has a harness plug to unplug, then pull the switch out the front (other) side.

The motor is right next to the switch under the headliner hump. It's an old car so I cut on both sides of the material and I'll put a next vinyl strip over the 3" cuts when I'm done, in similar color.

For doing the headliner correctly, try this site:

Hope I can make someone's day the way the person did who mentioned the flat head screw driver when I'd been trying an Allen wrench all day. Good luck!!!

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Q: How do you manually close the sunroof in a 1996 Saturn?
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