How do you minimize windows on supernova DLX?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you minimize windows on supernova DLX?
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Where is the user's guide for Pandigital Supernova DLX?

On the Micro SD card that came with the tablet.

What does DLX stand for?

"DLX" generally, but not always, stands for, "Deluxe".

How do you minimize all windows?

Usually on the bottom left corner of the screen (next to the "start" button) the is an icon "Show Desktop".This is partially true but actually this doesn't minimize windows, it just hides them. There is not button for this but the keyboard shortcut is windows key + M and to reverse it the shortcut is windows key + shift + M

How do you minimize Grand Theft Auto?

Alt-Tab (Windows)

What is the difference between a ripstick DLX and a ripstick G do they both have the spinning grind bar in the middle or is the DLX grind bar fixed like the original ripstick?

the dlx is made of carbon fiber

What is the market cap for Deluxe Corporation DLX?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Deluxe Corporation (DLX) is $2,833,558,581.69.

What dlx standard numeral?


Is there an Abbreviation for deluxe?

Yes, DLX.

Where can you get Mac minimize effects for Windows 7?

I have found a method using X Windows Dock, but I don't like the look of that dock!!

How do you minimize halo screen?

press "ctrl alt delete" or press the windows key.

What is the stock symbol for Deluxe Check?


What is DLX as standard numeral?

It represents: 560