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The gun is not really designed to hold a scope. The barrel has no way of holding a scope rail. You would have to drill holes in the barrel to mount one. a pistol scope would also be required and it would out cost the price of the gun many times over. a regular rifle scope would not work. So I suggest that this not be attempted.

But it's your pistol.

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Q: How do you mount a scope on a crosman model 3576 airgun?
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How do you mount scope on Benjamin model 427 pellet rifle?

I am not familiar with this particular model (427) but I am familiar with Benjamin air rifle. If your problem is that there is on Scope rail to mount your scope then I know how to fix it. Crosman airguns owns Benjamin air guns. Crosman offers a special Benjamin barrel clamp that lets you mount a scope to it. See the link below

Can you buy a scope and put it on an airgun?

Only if the airgun has a scope rail designed into the gun. You will also need an airgun scope not a firearms scope.

Can you install a scope on a sheridan c9a air rifle?

Yes. But it requires a special scope mount from Crosman. ( Crosman owns Benjamin and Sheridan ) ( see the link below )

Where can you get a mount for your scope for a Remington Model 750?

The scope mount for the Remington Model 750 is regularly sold at

What is the scope mount for a Stevens model 325-c?

what is the scope mount for savage 325 c

Do Leapers scopes fit on the Crosman Optimus?

As long as it has an 11mm ring mount then Yes. And I think it does, or you can order 11mm scope rings for the scope.

Will a .22 cal scope mount fit a airgun?

Both Weaver and 11mm Scope rails are used on air guns and air rifles. So you will just have to try.

Can you mount a scope on a model 94 Winchester?


Is there a way to mount a laser under your crosman 1377c air pistol without traditional mounts and have it secure?

Because of the way the 1377 is designed it is not possible to easily attack a laser sight to the pistol underneath. There are a few custom shops that manufacture a custom breech that is longer than the stock breech. Crosman even offers one. You might be able to attach one there. I've attached a scope to one of the 1377's using Crosman part (459MTC) it a Crosman Airgun intermount for scopes. Click on the link below to see the Crosman accessories.

Where can you find a scope mount for bolt action 3030 Stevens model 325a?

you can get that mount at mid way

Can you take the scope off the crosman pulse r71 airsoft gun?

No, the scope is the hopper. its not really a scope

Where can you find a scope mount for a Stevens model 87a?

Scope mounts that mount on the left side of the receiver using the four screw holes are available from Weaver.

Where can you find a scope mount for an 870 express Remington youth model?

Where can you get a scope mount for a Savage model 842?

Numrich Gun Parts Corp

Can you mount a scope on a Glenfield model 25?

Yes. You will need to see a gunsmith.

What kind of scope rings do you need to mount a scope on a model 512 slugmaster bolt action shotgun you have the side plate?

Hello: Weaver offers a scope base for the Marlin Model 512 Slugmaster, contact Weaver for a complete package. Thanks side scope mount (Weaver 10M)

What kind of scope mounts do you need for a win model 190?

It looks like any mount that will clamp to the top rail is good. No gunsmithing is necessary to mount a scope.

How can you get a daisy scope on a Crosman M4-177 pellet bb gun?

It all depends on the Daisy Scope rings that you have. The M4 has a removable front and rear sight. This will allow you to add a scope to the Weaver rail mount on the M4 if your scope rings are the weaver size. If not, then you need to purchase weaver scope rings for your scope.

What is the resale value of S and w model 52 with scope scope mount and 6 magazines?

100-1200 usd

Lyman rifle scope mount model 422 this is on an old modell 66c Stevens .22 cal rifle. the scope is not adjustable but the mount is. How old is it?

50's or so

Is the Winchester pre 1964 model 94 pre drilled for side mount scope?

No, it was not.

Where do I find a scope mount for the cal.222 model 225 made by revelation?

I'd start with Amazon. Your rifle is a Savage model 340, and if you search for Savage 340 scope mount, you will get a lot of hits. The mount and a set of rings is about $53.98. Shoot safe and often.

Can you purchase a scope mount for the J C Higgins model 20 12 ga pump shot gun?

There is no specific scope mount for that gun. A gunsmith will have to drill/tap the receiver for a generic top mount.

Can you put a scope on the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Air Carbine?

The model 760B has a scope rail built in. I am not sure about the older 760's, there were 9 older versions made. I would not go crazy and purchase an expensive scope for it considering the rifle only cost around $30, but yes it is scopeable. Crosman make a scope that fits the 760 and is not expensive. see the link below

Can you put a raised scope on your 30-30 marlin model 336?

Yes.Most marlin model 336 rifles have been drilled and tapped for a scope mount on top of the reciever.