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Good for you! It's better late than never. It's scary as we get older to get out there and be independent, but once you do and live on your own for a few months you'll feel like a caged bird that has been set free. There are all sorts of great men out there looking for good women. Most are widowers and some divorced. You are stronger than you think. Perhaps you could get a job, or volunteer. This way you meet other friends and if you like, some nice single men (or divorced or widowed.) You probably aren't in any hurry to end up with a man right now just after what you went through. I was married before to a real womanizer and I never saw the signs (or didn't want to see them.) I was only married to him for 3 1/2 years and consider myself lucky. I don't share my men! It was tough at first, but in a few months I felt great, and I changed jobs, met some new friends and had a blast. It gave me a chance to find out who I was and realize how strong and independent I was. I never regretted leaving my first husband. Eventually, I met the odd man and dated, and finally, one of my good male buddies introduced me to my present husband and we have been married for 33 years. You go girl! You deserve some life. Good luck God Bless Marcy

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Q: How do you move on after a 30-year marriage even though your husband has cheated the entire time?
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They had a very troubled marriage. He cheated on her a lot and was drunk or on drugs for almost their entire time together. He wasn't a very good husband in general. If you want a better understanding of what their marriage was like, I suggest reading Pattie's book "Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Me".

How many spouses did Persephone have?

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How do you move forward when your marriage is over and you know that your husband will continue to sleep with the woman that he had an affair with was the entire marriage a lie?

You don't! You get Lawyered up and take him to the cleaners! Then you find someone more honest and kinder.

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When can you collect social security off ex-husband?

If the marriage lasted at least ten years and the couple lived together for that entire time, the ex spouse may have a claim to a portion of the receipients benefits.

Was James Cagney ever married?

He was VERY happily married to Frances Vernon from 1922 to his death in 1986. He claims that, in the entire 64 years of their marriage, he never cheated on her -- an extraordinary achievement for a major celebrity.

If the husband has been cheating his entire marriage and the wife has no idea should she be told?

* It is best to keep out of the marriage problems and in most cases many wives know their husbands are cheating so you don't know what sort of arrangement they have between them. If you say something she may already know and you will embarrass her or, she will most likely not believe you and you could open a whole can of worms and have her husband and herself come at you with a vengeance.

You are a non virgin can your husband will guess it after marriage?

I'm not sure, never been married and I'm a virgin (saving sex for marriage), but I don't think so, but would you really want to keep that secret from him your entire marriage. Listen if you tell him, and the guy still wants to marry you, he loves you, a ton! So tell him, don't keep that big of a secret from him.

Same marriage what do you think?

Most people remain in the same marriage for their entire married life. Marriage is a very stable way to start a family.

Are marriage licenses legal worldwide?

A marriage license is good for the jurisdiction that issued it. Most are valid for the entire state, not just the county. And it will be a valid marriage world wide.

Does sacagawea have children and a husband or anything?

yes she does have kids and a husband named Charbonneau. When she helped Lewis Clark she carried her baby on her back the entire time! And she greatly enjoyed her husband.

If a husband is the primary on a loan and the wife is co-signer and they divorce who is responsible for a repossession?

Both, and the judge or attorneys on both sides will come to a conclusion on who pays what. Both are responsible though. If the wife was a home maker the entire marriage you might be in trouble.

Women Right in India after marriage?

Marriage among the Hindus was considered a sacramental union and it continued to be so throughout the entire Hindu period. The manu smriti says I hold your hand for saubhagya (good luck) that you may grow old with your husband, you are given to me by the just, the creator, the wise and the learned people. Hindus conceived of marriage as a union primarily meant for the performance of religious and spiritual duties. It could not take place without the performance of sacred rites and ceremonies and it was a permanent and eternal union However with changes in the society marriage among the Hindus which was essentially a sacrament partook the nature of a contract. The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 covering entire India except the state of Jammu & Kashmir has reformed the Hindu law of marriage. more read a

How is friendship related to marriage?

It pretty much forms the entire basis for a decent marriage (i.e. one that doesn't happen just for money, looks or fame).

Are domestic partnerships legal in Vermont?

No. Same-sex marriage has been legalized in the entire state of Vermont.

What does it mean when you had a dream you caught your husband cheating with a coworker?

The brain rests during REM sleep and it is the first few seconds after the person wakes up that they remember their dream or nightmare. A human dreams every half hour in order for the entire body to release the tension of the day. If a person is worried their husband may be cheating because they may not be getting along in their marriage or, the wife has a jealous nature your husband may have simply mentioned something about the coworker or you are afraid if he is working late or seems disinterested in you that he is having an affair with this coworker. It dangerous to second guess whether your husband is cheating because he may well not be. Couples should always work on communication skills and feel free to discuss anything together. They are just not husband and wife, but should be best friends. You could mention the dream to your husband with a smile on your face and see what his reaction is. If you are having marriage problems then both of you need to sit down and decide if you even want to live together and if so then you both need to work on bettering your marriage. If you both cannot resolve it then a marriage counselor can give a married couple skills to resolve many of their problems.

Seek Marriage Counseling if Your Marriage is in Serious Danger of Failing?

Have you had problems in your marriage as of late that could possibly risk ruining the entire marriage? If so, it could be worthwhile to seek marriage counseling to save your love and relationship with your spouse. Instead of allowing the marriage to keep heading down the same path that it is heading and fail, take the time to improve it and yourself by getting into marriage counseling with your spouse. It could be the life raft for your marriage, and it could end up helping your marriage do a total 180.

Why was marriage important in Pride and Prejudice?

Marriage was important in those days, because if a woman didn't find a good husband, she wouldn't have any income and she would be a burden on her family. In the Bennet's case, if Elizabeth and her sisters didn't marry well, and their father died, then the entire estate would have been passed to the closest male relation: Mr Collins. The family would have been turned out onto the streets.

When an Indian lady gets married does she add the name of her husband?

Mostly ladies change their surname to that of their husband. Quite a few women add the entire name of their husband to their first name. And others add their husband's surname, but retain their maiden name.

Are domestic partnerships legal in New Hampshire?

No. Same-sex marriage has been legalized in the entire state of New Hampshire.

Why did Nelson Mandela fail as a husband after marrying thrice?

Nelson Mandela had great trouble juggling both family life and the injustice and needs of an entire country. He couldn't be the farther for his daughter because he was the farther to the world. Also being in jail for 27 years didn't help his second marriage stay intact.

Does Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg of Norway support or oppose same-sex marriage?

Support, the entire Labour party does

What is the common good on the issue of same-sex marriage?

Equality under the law, repeal of discriminatory statutes and the progressive separation of church and state are results of the legalization of same-sex marriage that benefit the entire nation.

How many unmarried couples in the world?

Well nowadays people treat marriage as a joke so..... pretty much the entire population of earth.

How is same-sex marriage treated differently in the US than in other countries?

In the United States, each state has its own individual marriage laws and same-sex marriage is legalized state by state. In this respect, the US is similar to Mexico and Canada. However, in most of the world, same-sex marriage is legalized throughout an entire country, all at once, since political subdivisions do not have their own marriage laws.