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You can't move on in your marriage because you haven't resolved the problems in your marriage. If you didn't have problems with your husband then you wouldn't have gone flying into another man's arms. When we get married and take those vows we all should be giving 100% effort into improving our marriage. Women really do know what is going on and usually the big problem is she's taken for granted, seldom told she's pretty, and sometimes is treated like a maid and babysitter all rolled into one. This is still no reason to race off and find another guy to fill that hole in your heart. Communication is everything in a marriage and without it, the marriage will usually fail. If you don't connect with your husband and express your feelings then how is he suppose to know what you feel? Men often go to work, are tired and in their wee minds expect to come home and quit thinking entirely! They don't always understand that the wife is stuck at home (in many cases) cleaning, cooking and looking after kids, or, she may even work and do all these things, so her job isn't over when she gets home. What makes the guy think his job is over once his feet touch the interior of his home? He shouldn't be thinking this way. Men should help around the house and with the kids if both parties are working, and if not, then those are his kids too and he should have quality time with them. Also, it's up to each in the marriage to give time for each other, kids or no kids. Go for a nice leisurely walk, lay around the house or apartment and listen to music you both enjoy, but get together sometime during a period of a day. You owe it to your husband and yourself to sit down and start talking and expressing how you are feeling. Give it a chance! You'd be surprised what feelings your husband has and has never expressed them to you. It may draw you closer together or put you further apart. After a few months if it's not working out then you are going to have to talk to your husband and get a separation to begin with. This gives each of you a chance to really know for sure how much you will miss or not miss each other. It gives you a chance to breath and figure out who you are and what you want out of life and it may well shock your husband into a new way of thinking about you. The "grass isn't always greener on the other side of that fence!" Be careful what you wish for. Humans have a tendency to wants things they can't have and in this case, it's another man. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you move on in your marriage when you still have strong feelings for another man?
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