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There are two small access holes on the backside of the steering wheel. They are a torx head, remove these screws (screws will stay inside of steering wheel, but must be loosened all the way) then pop the airbag off. You then will have a big Allen head nut holding the steering wheel on the steering shaft. Remove the nut and the steering wheel comes off.

AnswerAnd if you actually did mean -move wheel- rather than -remove wheel - not all the cars have a moveable steering wheel. As I recall, it was an option to have one that fully tilted and some packages only came with a height adjustable one. In both cases there is a lever near or along the steering column that allows the adjustment.
2011-09-13 05:43:29
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Q: How do you move the steering wheel on a 1998 C230 Mercedes like going up or down or high and low?
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Where is the horn located in the 1998 Mercedes C230?

in the horn distributor located below the top of the steering wheel, and above the bottom of it.

Where is the diagnostic connector on a Mercedes Benz 1998 Ml320?

Under the steering wheel ,covered with black cover with two screws

Where is horn on 1998 silverado?

Have you checked the steering wheel?

1998 ford escort zx2 how do you tilt the steering wheel?

The 98 escort zx2 did not come with a tilt steering wheel

How do you remove the steering wheel from a 2000 Chevy Astro van?

How do you remove the steering wheel on a 1998 Chevy astro van

How do you change ignition switch on 1998 Buick century Do you have to remove the steering wheel?

do I remove steering wheel to change out ignition

What are the dimensions of the wheels on a 1998 Mercedes C180?

14" wheel

Where is the horn on a 1998 Ford Escort se?

On the steering wheel :)

Where is the horn on 1998 mercury tracer?

In the middle of your steering wheel.

Location of horn on Oldsmobile Aurora 1998?

On the steering wheel

Where is the speedometer located on a 1998 Volvo v70r?

by the steering wheel

How do you adjust the steering wheel on a1998 Toyota corolla?

Adjusting the steering wheel on a 1998 Toyota Corolla is easy. All you have to is find the latch at the bottom and push in to adjust the wheel.

How do you take off a steering wheel of a 1998 cavalier with out the air bag come out?

Disconnect the negative battery terminal before removing the steering wheel.

1998 accord steering wheel shakes at 70 mph?


Where is the fuses for the horn on 1998 Oldsmobile LSS?

Under the steering wheel

Will a 1994 Camaro steering wheel fit on a 1998 Camaro?

They were the exact same wheel, so yes

Where is the flasher located on a 1998 Dodge Intrepid?

it is on top of the steering wheel column

Where is the steering wheel located on a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

Infront of the drivers seat.

Where is the blower resistor on a 1998 BMW z3?

Under the steering wheel panel

Steering column smoking on a 1998 Chevy silverado what could it be?

Do you have a tilt steering wheel ?? If so then more then likely the wires are shorted out where the wheel tilts. Common problem.

What kind of power steering fluid do you use for 98 ml 320?

A 1998 Mercedes ML320 uses Pentosin CHF11S. This is the exact power steering fluid that Mercedes-Benz uses in all of their vehicles.

Your key on your 1998 Pontiac grand prix will go in but will not turn?

Jiggle the steering wheel as you turn the key. I've owned several cars in which the steering wheel lock wouldn't let the key turn if there was any pressure on the steering wheel lock.

How do you remove the steering wheel on a 1998 Chevy lumina?

there should be a couple of bolts on the back side of your steering wheel that removes the front face and after you take that off there will be a large nut that will take off the rest of the steering wheel, but remember to disconnect the airbag before you remove the steering wheel cause you could set it off.

Is it possible to adjust steering wheel in 1996 ford contours?

No. That was not available until 1998.

How do you remove a horn button from the steering wheel on a 1998 Chevy pickup?

cut the cheese