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By plugging a scan tool into the service port.

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Q: How do you obtain diagnostic codes from a 1996 Cadillac Seville sts?
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What is the meaning of the diagnostic codes for a 97 Cadillac Seville?

take itto advance auto they have a machine that can help

How do you check codes on a Cadillac Seville 2000?

how do you check a/c codes on a 2000 Cadillac Seville sls

How do you read the Cadillac on-board diagnostic codes on a 1995 Cadillac Seville?

turn the ignition on but do not start the car. hold the Off and Red Warmer button on the Climate control panel to the right of your speedometer. hold them until the dash will flash off and on and it will then list you diagnostic codes

How do I read the diagnostic codes on a Cadillac sts Seville 1997?

On the right side of the instrument cluster there are three buttons press ON/OFF and INFO UP together for 2 to 3 seconds.

What are the Nissan Diagnostic Trouble Codes?

The average Nissan automobile has more than 400 diagnostic troubleshooting codes. You can obtain a complete list of diagnostic codes from most Nissan dealerships.

How do you get codes on a 94 Cadillac sts through climate control?

In order to get codes for a 1994 Cadillac STS through climate control, a diagnostic test must be run by a mechanic. Most alternative tests or guide books will not provide this information. A Cadillac dealer is the best option to obtain this code.

How does one obtain diagnostic codes for an 1989 Cadillac DeVille 4.5?

hold off and warm intill gas gage lightes up. the codes will flash out of the gas gage. press off to exit.

How do you read the codes for a 1999 Cadillac Seville?

haynes techbook automotive computer code electronc engine managament system

How do you clear diagnostic codes on a 1994 cadillac?

Disconnect the negative cable (the black one) from the battery, and wait about 10 minutes. This should reset the codes. '96 and newer have OBD II, that has a port you connect a diagnostic tool to so the codes are reset by the device.

How do you read the Cadillac on-board diagnostic codes on a 1995 Cadillac El Dorado?

Put ignition key in the on position, push and hold 2 buttons on the A/C control panel OFF and WARM. Then release buttons, and codes will read out. OFF and HI willclear the codes

Drivers information center 1991 Cadillac?

Press and hold the OFF and WARMER buttons at the same time and it will give you diagnostic codes.

How do you pull up diagnostic codes on a 1991 Cadillac Sedan Deville?

push the off and warm buttons together on the climate control panel. Hold and release . Read codes

Chevy lumina diagnostic codes?

A full listing of diagnostic codes can be obtained from most General Motors dealerships. The Chevy Lumina has more than 500 diagnostic codes.

How do you reset the oil light after oil change on a 2001 Cadillac Seville?

unhook to positive battery cable for about 5 mins, this will reset most codes unless there is a real problem

What is indicated by the flash codes?

Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

How do you read the codes displayed on a 1995 Cadillac Seville sts?

Use the climate control unit. with key in on position and engine off press the off and the warmer button at the same time for about 3 seconds. the codes will be displayed. Use the fan speed switch to toggle between codes and to clear.

How do you reset dashboard codes for 2000 Cadillac sts?

How do you reset dashboard codes for 2000 Cadillac STS?

91 Dodge Dakota diagnostic code list?

buy a book like Chilton, and it has all the diagnostic codes listed in it. buy a book like Chilton, and it has all the diagnostic codes listed in it.

Descripcion fault codes for gm and Cadillac deville 1991 4.9l?

i am trying to find out the codes for a 1991 cadillac deville

How do you get to the pcm codes?

With a diagnostic scanning tool.

How do you read diagnostic codes Chevy Suburban?

Reading diagnostic codes is easy. The driver plugs the reader/scanner into the diagnostic port of the vehicle, and the scanner/reader will give a code if there is a problem, and tell them the type of problem.

How do you find the diagnostic codes for a Toyota Highlander?

Go on the web and goggle it. (TOYOTA CODES)

What is diagnostic code P?

OBD codes that start with a P are power train codes.

Which department in responsible for inputting the diagnostic codes?


How do you read the codes displayed on a 1994 Cadillac eldorado touring?

what buttons are used to bring up codes on display of 1994 cadillac etc