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Most states have a state risk pool for people that can not get traditional health insurance. Check out your state's insurance website.

2006-08-09 03:11:13
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How do you obtain cancer insurance after being diagnosed?

You can't, insurance is a blanket for healthy people that get problems later on.

Where can one obtain medical travel insurance?

There are many sites online where one could obtain medical insurance for travelling. Some examples of these sites are AirMed, Insure My Trip, and Trip Insurance.

Why is it important to obtain a job that has medical benefits if you are not covered by someone else's medical insurance policy?

Healthcare services and medical insurance plans are very expensive.

Is medical insurance required to get US visa?

Medical insurance is not required to obtain a US visa however if a visa is granted some programs require that you have medical insurance during your entire stay in the US

A Group Medical Insurance Plan is an Excellent Way to Obtain Medical Insurance Coverage?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too!

How do you obtain medical insurance?

Most companies offer insurance coverage to their full time employees. Others can get insurance by calling a local insurance agent. Pick a reputable insurance company.

How can one obtain in the UK a fast life insurance with no medical exam?

Research has shown that there are a variety of options for one to purchase life insurance with no medical. Insurance companies such as Saga and Smart Insurance offer this type of policy. One can also use sites such as UK Net Guide to compare quotes for no medical exam insurance.

Can health insurance companies share medical history?

The privacy of your medical information is governed by the laws of your state as well as federal law (HIPAA). In some circumstances, it may be possible, for the new insurance company to obtain information about your medical history from your old insurance company. Generally, however, health insurance companies obtain information about a new applicant's medical history by requesting medical records from your doctors or hospitals. To learn more about the rules governing your medical privacy, contact your state's Department of Insurance or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which provides an FAQ on privacy.

Where can one obtain medical evacuation insurance?

Agile Health Insurance makes it simple to choose, compare & apply online for affordable Health Insurance from leading Health Insurance Companies with ObamaCare options, Short-Term Health & Dental Insurance too!

What kind of medical info is required to obtain cheap life insurance quotes?

A basic medical history, annual salary, and family information must be submitted commonly.

From where can one obtain sports insurance?

There are many places where one can obtain sports insurance. One can obtain sports insurance from popular on the web sources such as Saider Sports and Fantasy Sports Insurance.

How does a health insurance company verify information pertaining to past medical history Can they find out everything even if you dont disclose it if so how?

When you see a doctor for any medical condition, it is recorded at the Medical Information Bureau or "MIB." Insurance companies use the MIB to obtain medical history on pre-existing conditions.

How does one obtain trucker's insurance?

There are many ways one can obtain trucker's insurance. One looking to obtain trucker's insurance should contact insurance companies such as Gieco, American Family Insurance, and State Farm to receive a quote.

Where can someone obtain transport insurance?

There are many ways one can obtain transport insurance. One can obtain transport insurance by visiting popular on the web sources such as 123 movers and Progressive.

How can one obtain a medical certificate in the UK?

To obtain a medical certificate in the UK, an individual must obtain it from a physician who can attest to the results of a medical examination of a patient.

Can someone who has a DUI still obtain automobile insurance?

yes they can obtain high risk auto insurance.

How can a student obtain health insurance?

A student can obtain health insurance by contacting health insurance companies in the community in which they reside. The companies can be contacted online or in person.

Where can one obtain a quote for international car insurance?

One can obtain a quote for international car insurance online in car insurance websites. In addition, one can obtain a quote at Geico and Esurance and other companies.

How can one obtain AIG Motorcycle insurance?

One can obtain AIG motorcycle insurance by contacting a local AIG insurance representative. One could also obtain a quote and purchase this insurance online. Simply navigate to their main website and answer a few questions.

How to obtain obtain car insurance in PA?

Just call any local insurance agent and they can walk you through the process.

What are two ways an individual may obtain insurance?

You may obtain insurance several ways. The most popular now being online. Simply go to a search engine and type in insurance and you will be provided with a multitude of choices. You may also obtain insurance through an insurance sale person.

How can one obtain premium whole life insurance?

One can obtain premium whole life insurance through their current insurance company. Several companies such as TD Insurance and BMO Insurance, offer great rates.

If you have medical insurance now but have pre existing condition can you still obtain medical insurance?

You can still have the insurance but it may not cover the condition due to a waiting period. Most insurances have a 1 year waiting period for pre-existing condtions but after that year you can be treated. Some insurance policies do not have a waiting period. So it all depends on the insurance and the policy you have. You need to contact the insurance company with your group and policy numbers to find out more info on the contract.

How can one obtain a car insurance quote from Farmers Insurance?

A car insurance quote from Farmer's Insurance company can be obtained by either visiting a local field office or by using the Farmer's Insurance company's website to obtain a quote for car insurance.

Can you drop medical coverage for your dependent children when they obtain state Medicaid coverage?

When a non custodial parent is ordered by the court to pay medical coverage, and the custodial parent applies for Medicaid that does not mean that the dependent child's medical coverage can be terminated by the non custodial parent. The ordered insurance becomes the primary insurance, and Medicaid becomes the secondary.