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How do you open a 1991 RS Camaro hood when cable is snaped?


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2005-11-03 16:58:45
2005-11-03 16:58:45

Depending on where it snaps, if theres any way to get some vise grips on the broken cable do so. If not you will have to take out all the bolts for the front clip you can get to and bend it up till you can get a long screwdriver (flat) to pop the latch.

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any hood for a 82-92 will fit

Yes it will.I put a hood from an 86 put on my 91 RS and it fit perfect. I later dumped it for a new 89 Z28 hood cause the 86 hood was not cherry.

You can find a hood release cable for a 1991 Geo Prism at various auto part stores. You can also check with local salvage yards.

No, only a 98-02 Camaro hood would fit an 01 Camaro

If you can find the cable under the hood, or if you can get to the cable where it's broken, a pair of vise-grips and a healthy pull should open it up.

There is no hood emblem on a 1970 Camaro. The emblem is on the upper valance, and if you use some sort of foam gasket you could probably get it to fit.

Fuel pump relay is mounted on the firewall under the hood near the master cylinder.

There are two ways to do this. First, you can break a few vanes out of the grill, and use a long screw driver to operate the lever that the cable pulls, or you can lay on your back underneath the vehicle, and using a long screwdriver operate the same lever. The latter is usually very difficult.

use the key...manualy I didnt get a hood key with my 93.(re*&$%) You will have no choice but to go underneath the car and try to reach the latch. Somtimes you can see where the cable attaches. Use a screwdriver,pliers, or whatever to activate the lever. Move the lever in the same direction as the cable would and the hood should release.

Had same problem today on 1993 Chevy truck. We cut black insulation around cable between hood release and wall in truck about 4 inches. Then pulled on cable and it opened hood.

The hood is openned by a cable that links the handle in the car the hood latch. If the cable is broken or detached then the hood will not open. The cable has two parts, an outer covering and the actual cable that pulls on the hood latch when the inside handle is pulled, you need to check the inside handle to see if the cable is still attached to the handle, also you need to check the hood latch to see if that end is still attached to the hood latch. If either is disconnected the you will need to get appropriate hardware(nuts,bolts etc) to attach it back but if the cable is broken it has to be replaced complete. This you might or might not be able to do depending on you skill and proficiency with tools.

The hood release handle is connected to a cable. The cable runs to the front of the hood and connects to a catch. When the cable is pulled the catch releases the hood.

Hood release cable has connector nuts on both ends of the cable. Loosen the connector nuts. Remove the cable retainers. The cable will come off and can be replaced with a new hood release cable.

Theres a handle that sticks out from the front grill of the Camaro. Grab it and pull on it to pop the hood. You may have to pull it again in order to lift the hood after it has popped up.

That depends on which engine you have under the hood, and if it is equipped with an A/T or Manual transmission. You fail to provide this critical information, so your question is unanswerable.

Under hood, passenger side, lower engine area, front of starter, mounted in engine block.

If there is any cable showing at the handle just pull on it with a pair of pliers. You can probably take the grill out and get to the cable there. grab a pair of little vice grips get it on the wire keep em there till u get it fixed

you would have to get the hood also, but the conversion can be done

82-92 all models, camaro, berlinetta, rs, z28 and iroc-z. only difference is hood styling, rear spoiler options, engine size, t-top/hardtop/sun or moonroof and ground effects.

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