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If you don't have experience handling the individual drivers I wouldn't recommend trying it yourself. They can be easily damaged.

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Q: How do you open a Sony mhc-gx450 mini hifi system speaker when you need to fix something inside of the speaker?
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How do you know if you have a short in your Panasonic Theater system?

A short (where one wire touches another) in a speaker cable may cause the speaker to simply not work, but usually causes the Panasonic system to shut down. A short inside the Panasonic system is unlikely, unless something was dropped into the cooling vents. If it is still working, but one speaker is not, it could be a break in the cable or a blown speaker.

Which is the best speaker system?

The best speaker system is the Klipschorn Floorstanding speaker. They cost about $4000.00 per speaker.

What are the internal speakers inside the system unit?

Internal speaker are speakers that are responsible for the beeps or beeping noises and sound you often hear from your computer. This speaker is very basic and is not a speaker for playing songs, music, or other complex sounds generated in a game.

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Is the Logitech S-150 Speaker System wireless?

The Logitech S-150 Speaker System is not wireless.

Can a two wire speaker system with RCA plug be chnaged to a XLR 3 without chnaging the speaker impedance?

If the system supports it, yes.

Can the ATampT be connected to a third party speaker system.?

There is no jack that would allow it to be connected to a third party speaker system.

What is the best speaker system for iPod shuffle?

there is a popular speaker called the sprocket!!

How to hook up a ipod touch 3rd generation to an ihome speaker system?

Connecting your ipod touch 3rd generation to an ihome speaker system is easy and will allow you to share your music with those around you. It is simply a matter of plugging a wire from your ipod to the speaker system or docking your ipod onto the speaker system.. Follow manufacturers instruction.

Where can one find a good wireless speaker system?

There are a lot of great places where a person can purchase a wireless speaker system. A great place to purchase a wireless speaker system would be Target, Amazon, and many other popular retailers.

What do you mean by 2 way audio system?

it means that the speaker has a speaker cone for the bass and mid frequencies and a tweeter for the high frequencies. this makes it a 2 way audio system. a three way audio system would have a speaker cone for the bass, another speaker cone for the mids, and a tweeter for the highs.

Is the Focal 165-CA1 6.5" Car Speaker good as a basic speaker without need for base system?

Yes, the Focal 165-CA1 6.5" Car Speaker can function as a good basic speaker without the need of an elaborate system.

What is a 2 way speaker system?

it has 2 drivers, one for low and one for high frequencies, thus, 2 way speaker system

The difference between Bose companion 5 multimedia speaker system and the Bose acoustimass 5 series iii speaker system?

The Bose Acoustimass is a powerful STEREO speaker system. Can be used for any home theater system as an add-on.While the Bose Companion 5 is a computer speaker system with an effect of a 5.1 CHANNEL on a three piece speaker.

What size are the speaker in a 06 dodge charger?

If you have the 4 speaker base system, both the door and the rear speakers should be 6x9. The 6 speaker "premium" system should add 3.5in in the dash.

What are the different types of speaker needed for a car speaker system?

There are many different types of speakers one needs to consider for a car speaker system. A complete set consists of a a set of front, center, and rear speakers.

Does Sony make a speaker system?

Yes, Sony does make a speaker system. In fact, it makes speakers for a wide range of TV's and other electronics. Sony's speaker systems are usually very good and last a while.

What is the difference between a passive and active speaker system?

An active system has amplifiers and electronic crossover built in to the cabinet. A passive system has just the speakers and possibly a passive crossover (made up of capacitors and inductors) inside the cabinet. A passive system requires external amplifier(s) to work.

What is the system of canals inside a cell?

What is the system of canals inside a cell

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How can you hear sound from headphone from your PC?

Well if your computer doesnt have a built in speaker system, you can only use headphones or buds to hear it, unless you buy a speaker system that you can plug in.

What's a decent quality sounding speaker system for my car?

Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, Alpine, and Bose are very good quality sounding speaker system's for cars.

You plugged a car speaker into your zenith allegro sound system through the headphone jack and you think you shorted the system out can you fix the sound system?

The headphone jack is actually wired with resistors so the headphones don't get the full amplifiers output. The only way you can fry the speaker system, is to send voltage back through the headphone jack and/or crank the volume all the way up with a short or no speaker connection. Check speaker fuses!

Will a multimedia speaker system work in your ps3?

No the Multimedia speaker system needs to work on the TV that the PS3 is connected to. The HDTV with a Home theater system connected to the PS3 with HDMI cable is the preferred method to have additional speakers.

What is the benefit of using a 5.1 speaker system vs. a digital 5.1 speaker system?

Not much, really. A digital system will have much better sound quality, and work better with movies and music that are filmed/recorded in HD.

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