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To open a stuck door on a 2000 Kia Sephia, remove the door panel and check the latch mechanism. It is likely to be bent. Better to replace the latch mechanism.


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use soap? when i tried to open a door that was stuck the handle came off!

It could be low on coolant, A stuck open thermostat, A broken/stuck blend door actuator.

door open from inside or outside

Can you get inside the car and remove the interior panel of the door that is stuck ? If you can remove that panel you will be able to manually pull the door catch (And then open the door and have the door latch fixed properly)

Toyota Siennas Electric doors have been known to get stuck open, it has been reported as a faulty door. This can be caused by a broken and frayed electric door cables. When it slides back, it can get stuck open or jammed shut.Ê

Hope someone answers mine is stuck also passenger door, I did get it open with the key once. Hope someone answers mine is stuck also passenger door, I did get it open with the key once.

Took it for body work, mechanic left doors open while repaired them. Ran the battery dead. Now drivers side manual sliding door won't open.

Thermostat stuck open. Replace! A low coolant level will also cause this problem. The blend door could be stuck also.

all you have to do is unplug the motor and the motor is locted under neath the automatic door. and then you can open the door.

That would depend on why it is stuck. If the problem is with the latch mechanism assembly, you have to remove the door panel from inside the car ( loads of fun with the door shut) and pop the latch open from inside. If the door is simply stuck shut because it's jammed on something, from the inside of the car, hold the door handle in the release position and kick it open without damaging anything.

The cast of Open the Door - 2000 includes: Tony Colucci as Charles Sorrese

How do you open the stuck rear door on a 2001 Ford Escape? Try wd40 under ouside handle into openings. Opens most.

when you open the driver door, you can get to it from the side of the dash. you can only open it when the door is open

my back door to my astro van is jammed some how cannot open it is there another way to open this door. Desperate,

Daniel had to use a wrench to open the door because it was stuck.

Go to there is a tutorial on how to open the stuck fuel door very easy to follow!

You can not close any door if the locking mechanism is stuck in the locked position. You must first get the mechanics to unlock.

The only way I can think of is to use a crowbar and force it open.

door lock actuator stuck,bad door latch if rear door has child saftey on a bad door entry handle.

Could be, Stuck open thermostat, Low on coolant, Plugged heater core, Temperature blend door actuator malfunction.

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