How do you open the back hatch of a 1998 Oldsmobile silhouette when the back is stuck shut and the latch won't release?

OK I did it today. The lock actuator was not unlocking the rear door hatch. I went into the back of the van after removing the left middle seat. I dropped down the rear bench. Pull the top of the cover panel on the hatch down starting at the top. Be careful not to break anything. Most of the time you will be able to reuse the attachment clips. Pull the center of the panel away from the door at the bottom of the window. Now using a flashlight look down between the panel and the door. Pull away the plastic cover. Look right down into the bottom and see the lock/actuator assembly. Using a flat bladed screw driver you can flip the lock clip manually until the door opens. It is small and located on the right side closest to you. Good luck.