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How do you open the hood if the hood release cable is disconected on your 1995 Astro?

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2015-07-15 18:57:33
2015-07-15 18:57:33

I have had a similar problem with my 1997 Ford Explorer a few months back, and I fixed it myself.

The only way to do this without going to a mechanic or damaging your hood would be to remove the front grill assembly if you can access it with a socket wrench from the outside, so that the hood release mechanism's bolts are exposed. Then, remove the hood latch (3 or 4 bolts) and lift the hood, the mechanism should still be attached to it. Finagle the mechanism off of the hood and rewire a new cable or reattach the original if it's not broken. If you need a new mechanism, go to a 'previously used automobile emporium'. Do not put junk on your vehicle.

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