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How do you open the hood on a 1984 Chevy S-10 if the hood release cable is broken?


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2015-07-15 21:04:06
2015-07-15 21:04:06

i dont know if your grill is like my 98 s 10 but i did the same thing. to open i just pulled the front grill off, it just snaps on with clips then you can find the broken cable and pull it viola it open IF YOU CAN GET YOUR GRILL OFF!

Probably depends on where it is broken but before you resort to a crowbar, go to any body shop. They'll probably show you how or pop it open for free.


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Take it to a body shop as they have to open then on wrecks.

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I would suspect that the car has a problem with either the shift cable, or perhaps the cable has popped off of the shift linkage on the transmission. If not one of those then it might be a problem with a stuck or broken mechanism inside the transmission.

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You can hook up the starter, on your 1984 Chevrolet, by attaching the ground cable and the hot cable to the appropriate posts on the starter. Bolt the starter into place.

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Hunter - 1984 Broken Dreams 6-12 was released on: USA: 27 January 1990

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