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To engage four wheel drive pull up on the handle in the center console with the letters, 2H, 4H, N, 4L. One notch will put it in 4H - four wheel drive, high - which will be good for almost all off road or slippery conditions. Just leave the regular transmission in Drive, unless you really know what you are doing. Normally, you will never need to use 4L - four wheel low -except under very extreme conditions. If you do, you are not supposed to go over 25 mph because it will over rev the engine. If you are going in snow with four wheel, high - 4H - you will get where you want to go. Remember though, if you are on ice or it is very slippery it will not help you stop. Many accidents happen to people who are over confident while driving in four wheel drive. Also, supposedly, you can shift from four wheel to two wheel or vice versa from a stop or moving. BUT, the transmission is not synchronized so if you are stopped and the handle is very hard to pull, start moving frontwards or backwards, slowly, THEN shift it into four wheel drive (or back to two wheel drive). They used to say you shouldn't go over 45 mph in four wheel drive, but they don't anymore. Let's face it, you really shouldn't be going even that fast if you are on an icy road or one that is very slippery with snow. Some say you shouldn't use 4WD unless you are stuck somewhere. That's OK I guess as long as there is someone else around to help you if you are REALLY stuck. As for me, if it starts looking tricky, I shift into 4H! Last but not least, DO NOT drive in 4WD on smooth pavement. At the least you will wear the tires down and possilby break stuff in the transmission because this kind of 4WD is not intended for smooth pavement. Submitted by Joe K., Detroit, MI August 10,2006

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Q: How do you operate the 4 wheel drive on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?
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