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Pay it!

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Q: How do you pay off your credit collection?
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Do you have to pay collection accounts dropped off credit reports?

no you do not

Is it better to pay a collection agency or let them write the debt off?

if you pay the collection agency you can get back in good credit standings , ifyou dont they can get a judgment against you, and garnish your wadges , if they do a charge off it stays on your credit for up to 10 years know and it is harder to get credit with a charge off

If you pay a collection agency does the collection come off of your credit report?

Yes you tell the collection agency you will pay ONLY if they can give you a letter that say they will delete the item from your report it's call pay for deletion

What should you pay off first a credit card or a collections debt?

Your credit card because once you pay it off, the collection agency would quit annoying you all the time. They would be satisfied because they will get a part of the money you pay to your credit card. :)

Does your credit score raise when you pay off a collection?

No, actually a paid collection is just as bad as an unpaid collection, they both are negative information reporting to your reports

Can I use my credit card after I pay off the collections agency?

No. Once it is sent to a collection agency the company has closed the credit card.

How do you improve your credit after you have been to collections?

Always continue to pay all your bills on time and keep your balances low. You can try and negotiate with the collection agency to remove the collection off your credit report upon final payment, but they might not agree. You can also try to dispute the collection to the credit bureaus, but it will most likely be verified unless the collection is paid off already.

Where do you pay collection accounts that are reported on your credit report when the company is out of business or no longer handles the account that was reported for collection?

You pay the collection agency.

Your credit score is 563 and you just paid off 4 collection charges on your credit report how will that effect your credit score?

Not much other than having the collection marked from unpaid to paid. If you are paying off credit collection companies, negotiate to get a letter from them telling you that the amount you are paying is the balance as agreed and that they will remove it from your credit report. Do not pay until you get that letter. If you pay without doing that, it will stay on your credit report for about 3 years depending on when the collection was first put on your credit report. The fact that you paid it already just says on your credit report that instead of unpaid the collection is marked as paid. If you already paid either repair your credit or get a reputable firm in the BBB who has a money-back guaranteed policy.

If you have a collection on your credit report of 450 from 4 years ago would it be beneficial to pay it off or just let it ride out the 7 years and would paying it help your credit score?

A credit score of 450 is poor. You have far more poor credit than one collection. You should pay off your collection and make every effort to bring current the other accounts that are passed due. An average credit score would be in the neighborhood of 625. You have a long way to go.

Can a collection agent advise you to pay off the debt you owe him from another credit card he reads on your credit report?

i think ist against the fdcpa laws.

Does your credit score go up after you pay off outstanding debt?

Yes, but only if it is with the original creditor and not a collection company.

Do you pay off your credit history if you have a insufficient credit score?

If you have n't a sufficient credit score, you don't pay off your credit history. It is impossible.

If a debt has been paid to the original creditor and they recall it from their collection agency will a dispute succeed in having it removed from the credit report?

Hard to say. Disputing the collection after you pay off the creditor could still come back as 'verified' from the credit bureaus simply because the collection did happen. If the collection agency does not respond to the credit bureau's query, then the entry will be removed.

how can i get free money to pay off my credit cards?

how can it get free money to pay off my credit cards

How can you increase your credit score quickly?

Pay your credit cards down at least 50% off the credit limit. Example: Discover card with a credit limit of $1,000.00 and you maxed this out. Pay $500.00 on this account = 50% of the credit limit. This will increase your score within the 30 days of this transaction. Make sure that you do not pay off an account in full and close it. This will hurt your more then help you. Settle and collection accounts that you might have.

How do I remove a collection item on my credit report that was disputed but not removed?

Only the collection agency or the credit bureaus can remove a collection off a credit report. You can negotiate the removal of the collection off the credit report upon final payment of the debt owed. Some collection agencies have policies against this, some don't. You can also redispute it to the credit bureaus as many times as they will let you. It has a higher chance of being removed if it is paid off and an older account.

How do you handle the remaining debt to avoid garnishment once your credit is cleared?

If you can't pay off the debt in full, you can offer a payment agreement to the collection company. If they accept, you will have to pay as agreed to avoid further collection action and/or garnishment.

Can you use a credit card to pay off a student loan?

No, you cannot. They will not allow you to pay it off with a credit card.

How can you keep a collection agency from taking your car?

Pay off your debt.Pay off your debt.Pay off your debt.Pay off your debt.

How long is it before debt collection will be sent if someone does not pay off their credit card?

The length of time a debt collection is sent really depends on the credit card company. If they have attempted to make contact on various occasions with no resolve then the companies will often send out a debt collection notification, and also the companies will notify the credit bureaus.

What does a collection agency do to your credit?

They don't do anything. Failure to pay bills causes credit to be reported badly and your credit score to go down. All a collection agency does is go after you for the money.

How does it affect your credit if you pay a personal loan off early?

It doesn't hurt your credit to pay off a loan early.

can u get a grant to pay off credit card dept?

can u get a grant to pay off credit card dept

Is it better to settle a credit card debt or pay it off?

Pay it off