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they clean their skin by peeling it off

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Q: How do you peel a snake's skin?
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Egg is to shell as banana is to?

Peel. Banana peel.

Banana is to skin as orange is to?

banna is to skin as orange is to peel

When was Peel Sessions - Hot Snakes EP - created?

Peel Sessions - Hot Snakes EP - was created in 2004.

Is Skin ID a chemical peel?

There are three basic types of chemical peel that you can choose from, depending your individual need and skin type. Mild peel Medium peel Deep peel

Why do snakes have scales instead of skin?

Snakes have skin that is covered in skin.

What is banana skin called?

Usually a BANANA SKIN but some folks it a 'peel'; as in, "What shall I do with this peel?"

What is the peel of a banana called?

The skin of a banana is called the peel.

Why does your skin peel by your finger tips?

because if your hands are mourstureized all the time it can cause your skin to peel!

What is the best way to peel skin off of raw chicken?

cut the skin and then hold it under water and peel off the skin.

The definition of onion skin peeling?

you peel away the skin of an onion. to do this you get a knife and peel away the skin just like you peel an apple. but if you mean in a scientific way, i got no idea

What is the analogies of banana is to skin as orange is to?


What are Skin Squames?

Skin squames refer to scales on the skin that peel.

What is peel in culinary?

To peel a fruits and vegetables, is to remove the outer skin, usually using a paring knife. The peel itself is the outer skin on fruits and vegetables.

What is the skin of an orange called?


What is the skin on a lemon called?

a peel

Why does your skin peel after a sun burn?

You are shedding dead skin.

Do the corn skin shed their skin?

Corn Snakes? Yes, all snakes shed their old skin.

Name of a fruit exterior?

Skin or Peel, depending on the thickness. Skin would usually be the thinner, mostly you'd use "peel".

What are the release dates for Your Life - 1999 Laser Skin Peel?

Your Life - 1999 Laser Skin Peel was released on: USA: 2003

Does snakes have a slimy skin?

Thata is common misconception. Snakes skin is actually dry and scaly. Their skin in not slimy

Why does a sunburn peel?

A sunburn starts to peel because the new skin will begin to come out.

Is this how you spell banana pill?

No. The outer skin of a banana is a banana peel and you peel it off.

What is a banana peel?

The skin of a banana, and a song.

Does frostbite cause skin to peel?

Yes, it does

Can you peel a strawberry?

No, a strawberry does not have a 'peelable' skin.