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How do you peirce your own ear?

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Body Piercing is not a hobby or recreational activity, it is a serious procedure that if done incorrectly can cause lasting long term damage to the body. Body Piercing is a service provided by trained and qualified professionals in a controlled environment using only sterilized materials and bio-compatible body jewellery designed for specific piercings. This is site is not designed or intended to provide users with "how to information" that could cause serious injury to themselves or others from the use of posted information. See a professional body piercer for all your piercings.

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Why can't males wear earrings on the left ear?

Firstly males can get their ears pierced on what ever ear they want too. But stupidly people say it is the gay ear, but i think you should get it pierced on what ever ear you want too. no. for guys getting their ears peirced, if you peirce your left ear, it means you're straight. if you peirce your right ear, it means you're gay. if you peirce both your ears, it means you're bi. so go with the left ear to peirce

Do they peirce the ear with the earring?

They did when I got mine done.

How do you peirce your own ears?

1. You get a sterilyzed ear piercing needle 2. Steralyze your hands and ears. 3. Poke it in the front of your ear and then the back p.s. get permission from a parent our guardian first if under 18.

How do you peirce your ear yourself?

You can get the handheld ear piercers at stores, but the best is go to your doctor or Piercing Pagoda at some malls.

If your a straight guy which ear do you peirce?

Left is usually that gets peirced if you are straight or both.

How do you peirce your own navel?

For health and safety reasons, you don't.

Does it look nice if you get a second ear peirce?

Yep. It doesn't matter what people on the internet say. If you like it, get it.

Is ear piercing sore?

Yes... though only when you touch it and when they peirce your ear, it only fells like a really hard pinch and only lasts a few seconds!

How old do you have to be to get an ear bar?

At any age, preferably if you can find someone to peirce your ear in the required spots. If however you want a professional (,peircing) then you must be 18.

What is the leagel minimum age to peirce your own body?

16 with you parent, alone you have to be 18

Do you peirce that left or right cartilege on ear?

You can pierce either side. I have my left cartilage pierced but I also know people with the right side.

Does Selena have pieceings?

yes she has a nose Peirce but she doesn't wear it alot because she doesn't want people to know; also she has two in her ear.

What ear should a gay person peirce?

It used to be that if you were gay you put it on the right and straight you put it on the left. It's not so much of a rule anymore.

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