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How do you pick a lock with a paper clip?

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it is super easy so heres the steps

1. straighten out the paper clip(hairpins work better)

2. take one end and bend it upward like this ____/

3. next insert into the lock leave it there

4.get a tension wrench(or something to turn the lock with

5 insert the tension wrench into the lock below the paper clip

6 apply slight pressure to the tension wrench while moving the paperclip up and down

and moving the tumblers...

7youve got it!!

another method is just inserting the paperclip and tension wrench then vibrating the paperclip up and down as fast as you can(this works ive tried it) and your on your way! any other questions email me at i answer very quickly!!

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How do you pick a diary lock?

you take a paper clip anb bend it sio it is almost straight then you turn the paper clip until it unlocks

How do you open door lock without keys?

well if you have a knife or a paper clip you can pick it

How do you pick a master lock with paper clips?

I have tried with the paper clip with the master lock but it doesn't work. I think a bobby pin might do the trick.

How do you pick a door lock?

insert the paper clip into the lock, push it in furthur, and twist the paper clip. You should be able to hear a clanking sound. This is when you know the door is un-locked. I hope this information is useful to everyone!

How does a cell phone pick up a paper clip?

the magnets on the speakers pick up the paper clip

Name something that people use to pick a lock?

you could use a bobby pin a paper clip or maybe he key... lol :]

How do you make a lock for your spiral book?

U can get a paper clip

Can a magnet pick up a paper clip when both are under water?


What force operates when you use a bar magnet to pick up a paper clip?

Magnetic Force

How can you open your diary without the keys?

open a paper clip so it is in shape of L. then go to the smaller side and get some metal bender things and bend the end so it is a little O. the cut away the extra parts of the paper clip. go to Wonder How To. and search how to pick a luggage lock because it works with diaries too.

How do you open a diary without a key to unlock it?

You could do 1 things. 1. Pick the lock. I recommend picking the lock since diary locks are basic and very easy to pick. I usually use a paper clip or knife. If you have no background knowledge in picking locks whatsoever then you may wanna look around online. There are tons of sites out there on it.

5 ways to use a paper clip?

1. pop a balloon 2. lottery scratcher 3. pick a door lock 4. poke people 5. book mark 6. shower curtain hook

Why wont a nokia cell phone pick up a paper clip?

Cuz only blackberry cuve can do that

What does a magnent do to a paper clip?

The paper clip clings to the the magnet

What weighs the same as a paper clip?

A red paper clip

Who discover paper clip?

The paper clip was not discovered. It was invented.

Is a paper clip an insulator?

If the paper clip is metal: no -- a metal clip would conduct electricity. If the paper clip was plastic: yes, it would not conduct electricity.

Why do paper clips hanging from a magnetic pick up other paper clips?

because the paper clip hanging from the magnet gets magnetized as well and acts like a magnet

How does a cell phone pick up paperclips?

The back of the phone on the inside where the battery connector is, is magnetic to a paper clip.

The capacity of a paper clip?

The capacity of a paper clip is milligrams positive

Who is the paper clip inventor?

The paper clip inventor is John Vaaler

What do you do if you swallow a paper clip?

did you actually swallow a paper clip?!?!?!?! :O

Is a paper clip conductivity?

A metal paper clip will conduct electricity.

What happens when you put paper clip into water?

You will have a wet paper clip

How do you take retaining clip out of lock hub on 95 f-150?

take the three torque screws out of hub then in there is a round clip i used a flat screw driver and a straight pick like an ice pick , hold it with flat screw driver and pry under one end with the pick