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How do you pick out a name for a cat?


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November 14, 2008 11:10PM

In my experience it doesn't matter what I name them to begin with, because they usually end up being called by a nickname, or their name evolves over time to something completely different.

How do you pick put a name for your new baby? This is a rather silly question. However, I'll tell you how I pick out the names for my cats, usually. I consider the cat's appearance, and if there is something special or remarkable about the fur, or ears, or tail, or color eyes, or anything like that, I may name the cat that way. Example: My cat has long, beautiful, silky fur. The name Hairy--Harry pops into my head. It's something of a joke name, since I can intend it to mean the hairy cat, or the boy's name Harry. A pun, you see. Or perhaps the cat has remarkable behavior. As a frisky kitten, you may want to name it Frisky, or maybe Rascal, or Rowdy. Or the kitty is constantly hollering, howling, yowling, etc. Name it Yowley, or Howley. It's not like you are naming a child, and must get a good name to be put on his birth certificate! Don't get all bent out of shape over it, and just give the cute kitty a cute name you will enjoy saying! Cathysw