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How do you pick out a name for a cat?

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In my experience it doesn't matter what I name them to begin with, because they usually end up being called by a nickname, or their name evolves over time to something completely different.

How do you pick put a name for your new baby? This is a rather silly question. However, I'll tell you how I pick out the names for my cats, usually. I consider the cat's appearance, and if there is something special or remarkable about the fur, or ears, or tail, or color eyes, or anything like that, I may name the cat that way. Example: My cat has long, beautiful, silky fur. The name Hairy--Harry pops into my head. It's something of a joke name, since I can intend it to mean the hairy cat, or the boy's name Harry. A pun, you see. Or perhaps the cat has remarkable behavior. As a frisky kitten, you may want to name it Frisky, or maybe Rascal, or Rowdy. Or the kitty is constantly hollering, howling, yowling, etc. Name it Yowley, or Howley. It's not like you are naming a child, and must get a good name to be put on his birth certificate! Don't get all bent out of shape over it, and just give the cute kitty a cute name you will enjoy saying! Cathysw

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What is the name of Santa's and Mrs Claus's cat?

Try for books that talk about Santa's cat...and pick the name you like.

What is a good last name for the first name 'Cat'?

This depends on the background of Cat. What nationality and professions do Cat's forebears come from? Then pick a first name adapted, a town, a job, a tribe, or a hobby as the last name.

What is the name of Ramona and Beezus's cat?

I think it's something like "Pick-Pickey"

Pick a cat?


Does a girl cat pick when to be in heat?


Is cat a name?

cat is not a name for people it is for a cat

How do you get your cat out of the couch?

You pick it up and move it

How do you get a cat out of your way?

pick it up and move it.

How you get a cat to be hold?

pick it up by its neck

Another name for a male cat?

Another name to call a male cat a Tom Cat.

Why is it easier to pick up a cat and not an elephant?

because a cat is very small but a elephant has more mass than a cat

Why does your cat meow whenever you pick him up?

If your cat meows it is either startled or stuggling to get away.

Can animal control pick up a cat with a collar?

If the cat is reported as a problem, or if it appears to be lost they can.

How do you pick up a hissing cat?

very carefully

What was the cats name in The Cat in the Hat?

The Cat in the hat's name, is The Cat in The Hat!

How do you get cat on the victorious quiz?

Well if for some reason you do want to get Cat do these steps below: #1 Pick Red #2 Pick Lie #3 Pick colorful #4 Pick find a cafe and order tea in an English accent #5 Pick whatever is on the radio #6 Pick be yourself #7 Pick Dakota fanning #8 Pick tell them all about yourself #9 Pick candy #10 Pick nervous but i belong there

What was the name of finicky cat in cat food commercials?

What was the name of finicky cat in cat food commercials?

Is it bad to pick up your adult cat by the back of the neck?

I would not do it, for sure. That loose skin is there on the back of a kitten's neck for the mother cat to use to pick up her kittens. You are not a mother cat, and an adult cat is pretty heavy compared to a tiny ball of fur. It has to hurt.

Is the name Cleo a cat or dog name?

its a dogs name but it might be a cat if its a yellow stiped cat and its a boy

What is a name for a kitten?

You can pick just about any name. We have had cats for over 40 years- and some of ours were named Breeze, Layla, Lola, Bonnie, Peekaboo, Kali, Pixie, George, Maxwell, Alexander, Cordelia, Duncan and Summer Cat. Sooner or later, you find a name that suits your cat.

Do cats pick garbage?

yes they can cause my cat did and she was bad to.

Will it hurt to pick a cat up by it's leg?


How do you get your cat out of a room without hurting them?

Pick it up and carry it out...

Is it mean to pick a cat up by its scruff?

The scruff of the neck cannot support the weight of an older kitten or adult cat; it will be painful for the cat and can cause injury to the cat's neck and spine. When picking up a cat, always support the back-end with one hand, and under the front legs with the other. This distributes the weight of the cat evenly and allows the cat to be comfortable. BTW-If your cat has a collar on, take it off before you pick it up by its scruff. You might tighten it by accident. If your cat has a small scruff, don't pick it up. If a cat is overweight or has arthritis, don't pick it up. Don't swing it back and forth, and put it down gently. Just saying, otherwise you'll hurt it.

Is the name Cleo more of a cat or dog name?

Its more of a cat name