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Watch him. If he sneeks glances at you its a sure sign he likes you. Make sure its you hes looking at. I agree . there's this guy and me and well i think he likes me which is good. he is always looking at me when he thinks i am not looking. he's also always flirting with me. i am to chicken to ask him out thou :(

2009-01-28 00:41:15
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Q: How do you pick up signals from a guy to tell if he likes you if you are both shy?
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How can you tell if a man likes you or not when you keep getting mixed signals?

Ask Them Yourself !

What should you do if your boyfriend likes your sister and yourself?

Tell him to pick which one he wants to be with.

How can you keep from missing signals from a guy who likes you?

Answer If a guy really likes you the signals aren't hard to read, maybe you aren't paying that much attention and then again, you could always invite him for a supper, I'd bet he'd tell you how much you mean to him

How do you tell if a boy from Utah likes you when your both in fifth grade?

ask him out or use a friend to see if he likes you

You like her she likes you she has a boyfriend?

If she really likes you, she'll break up with her boyfriend if you tell her to because your sure she likes you. if she refuses to break up with him, then she likes you both. Give her some time. See how you both feel in a week.

If a girl is in a relationship but likes you and feeling the same way what should you do and you in a relationship and feeling that person as well?

You and her are both involved in a love triangle. Tell her to make up her mind on either to pick you as the one for her or the other guy for her.

How do you tell if an older guy likes you?

he will give you signals like playing footsies or paying for stuff for you...he will also give the signs that you can easily search up

Your guy friend likes to pick his nose and wipe it on your friend should you tell her what hes doing?

omg yes that is disgusting!!

How can you tell if he will ever go out with you?

if he stares at you and tell to someone he likes me or tell me he likes me

What would you tell an 11 year-old if she likes a 15 year-old and her friend likes him?

tell her since they cant date him after one has dated they should both go out with him

How can i tell a boy that i like him without me feeling weird and without he feeling weird?

you should write it in a note or something, but you should only tell him that you like him if your positive that he likes you back.. You just break it down it small pieces, so he'll figure it out himself, look for any signals that he likes you back and tell him you like him. :)

What does a boy do to show he likes a girl when he's 12?

Obvious one: Tell the girl he likes her.Others:Spending extra time with the girl.Asks the girl who she likes.Constantly picks the girl for group projects.Gives the girl a gentle look which signals his love for her.

What do you do if your little sister and you have a crush on the same guy?

just tell him that both of you like him see who HE likes

How do you tell if the guy you like who likes you too wants the relationship or the chase?

he probably wants both ;)

How can you tell a boy likes you the most when he likes other girls to?

How can you tell when a boy likes you the most when he likes other girls to?

So you like a guy and he likes you and then your sister likes him later on and he likes her too so he likes both of you. What do you do if you still want to go out with him?

tell him how you feel, if he thinks your weird for telling him you shouldn't date him anyway

How do you know if a girl still likes you even though she is hanging out with another guy?

you ask her :] ask if she likes you or him and if she says she likes you both. You either tell her you cant do that or try and get her to like you more :]

How do know if a girl likes bdsm?

One, if she tells you, that's easy. But try to pick up on little things, does she show pleasure by moaning? If she likes you enough to make out with you she will probably tell you what turns her on.

What kinda signals does she give you that she likes you?

People are all different. girls may act in different ways when they like someone. The boy is the one that could find out if she is likes him or not. because, dear if somebody likes you, you notice or at least you get suspicious. i may tell you that the most commoners signals are: talk a lot with the guy, be around the guy more than usual, look at him, when nobody is looking, etc.

How do you tell if your boyfriend likes you by the way he holds your hand and hugs you?

Those are both postve signs that he likes you. However I would focus more on how he treats you, because you can tell alot by how a person act towards you.

What types of warning signals are in place of a tsunami?

there is lots of signals to many to tell

I cant tell if this guy likes me?

to tell if a guy likes you just be yourself around him and if he really likes you and he can tell your comfortable around him then you will know

How do you pick up the hottest girl in school?

Tell her something funny to make her laugh. A girl always likes someone who makes her smile.

What do you do if you like a guy but he likes your friend?

If your friend likes him back, back down. Risking your friendship is not worth it. If he likes you both, but your friend doesn't like him, tell him. If he ONLY likes your friend, don't do it, as he'll use you to get to your friend.

What should you do when a girl told you that she likes you but that she also likes another guy?

well she likes you both so you have a bit of competition, so what i suggest you do is talk to her and tell her how special she is to you and what she has been up to laterly.