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How do you pierce your own nose and hide the evidence from your parents?

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2009-02-01 21:59:12

If you believe you're mature enough to make this decision and

live with it, then you need to be mature enough to stand up to your

parents. A person who does things and then hides them is probably

not mature enough to have made the choice in the first place. Try

talking to your parents and see if you can sway them into seeing

your side. If not, give it a little time and do it when you're a

little older. HOWEVER. If you have super-strict parents, or a

super-strict school, my recommendations are: 1. Get a super-tiny

stud. 2. Put it in from the middle and cover up the screw with

foundation. 3. Pierce it on the side that your parents don't

usually see when you sit shotgun in the car. 4. If you're doing a

septum piercing, flip it up into your nostrils. 5. Let it be for as

long as you can before they notice, then say, Uh, did I ever tell

you I got my nose pierced? Hehe..... I'm actually piercing my nose

tonight so I'll be using those tips. Good luck. --CAA


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