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If you believe you're mature enough to make this decision and live with it, then you need to be mature enough to stand up to your parents. A person who does things and then hides them is probably not mature enough to have made the choice in the first place. Try talking to your parents and see if you can sway them into seeing your side. If not, give it a little time and do it when you're a little older. HOWEVER. If you have super-strict parents, or a super-strict school, my recommendations are: 1. Get a super-tiny stud. 2. Put it in from the middle and cover up the screw with foundation. 3. Pierce it on the side that your parents don't usually see when you sit shotgun in the car. 4. If you're doing a septum piercing, flip it up into your nostrils. 5. Let it be for as long as you can before they notice, then say, Uh, did I ever tell you I got my nose pierced? Hehe..... I'm actually piercing my nose tonight so I'll be using those tips. Good luck. --CAA Photography

2009-02-01 21:59:12
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Is it allowed to pierce your nose in Muslim?

Yes, Muslim women are permitted to pierce their noses, only with their parents' permission.

Can you pierce your nose with a earring?

yes i think you can pierce your nose with an earring i did its not that bad .

Can you pierce your nose at 12?

yes. depends on where u go and you need ur parents to sign the papaers and go with you

How do you convince your mother that having your nose pierced at 13 is okay?

Getting your nose pierce is okay as long your parents agree. Someone in my little sister's school is 11 and she got it.

What shop in strood will pierce my nose im 12?

Nowhere will pierce your nose at that age. You have to be 16 to get it done with parental concent.

What place will pierce my 10 year old daughters nose?

You want to pierce your ten year old daughters nose?

Does Brenda song have nose pierce?


Can you use a 15 gauge to pierce your nose?

yes you can use a 15 gauge to pierce your nose i did. and it hurt a lil bit but yes you can

Can you lose your hearing if you have your nose pierce?

no, your nose can be peirced and your ears will be unaffected.

Did Hayley Williams get a nose job?

No, Hayley's nose has not had plastic surgery but she did pierce it.

Did Miley Cyrus pierce her nose?

yes she did

How much does it cost to pierce a nose?


Why to pierce your nose?

cos its pretty scrap Saturday

Can you get a stud the first time you pierce your nose?

yes you can

What things do you NEED to pierce your own nose?

A professional.

Was you wrong to let your daughter pierce her nose at 14?

no it is not wrong for your daughter to pierce her nose at 14 its legal age and if she wants to do so she should be able to its her body and her rights

Can you use a safety pin to pierce your nose?

It's certainly possible but not recommended. Why not get a professional to do it safely? If you do decide to pierce your nose with a safety pin, make sure you sterilize it first.

How do you hide a nose stud?

Get something called a retainer : Its a clear nose ring . : )

What age would it be OK to pierce your nose?

age 16

Is it possible to pierce a nose with scar tissue?

You can only pierce things with a something of a greater hardness. So tissue to tissue is a no.

Did Joe Jonas pierce his nose?

Uh, no... but I heard he pierced his ears.

How can you hide a nose stud?

A clear piercing retainer

How do you numb your nose?

If your trying to pierce your nose yourself, don't! Get it done professionally, doesn't hurt that bad and it's quick!

If you are breastfeeding can you pierce your tongue nose or lip?

Yes, nothing wrong with it at all.

Does the side of your nose you pierce matter?

Nope! Its all up to you! Good Luck!