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How do you play My Vet Practice Pawly Pets?


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You can take a loan out then pause and look at challenges


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you have to create a new account and then save it over the one that you don't want and you are done :D

I have it for DS and you keep a vet practice and care for animals get different places to live its like sims 2 but you get a dog or cat and look after animals.

A Vetanarian is a doctor for pets. Pets get there checkups and shots their. A Vetanarian is called Vet for short

You can find your pet's vet policy number by calling your insurer.

It depends where and if in a private practice or not

The person who takes care of pets would be called a veterinarian (a.k.a vet)

Probably 'In Practice' or 'Vet Record' as a vet gets both of these when he or she joins the BVA (British Veterinary Assiociation) and all vets must join in order to practice veterinary surgery

you be a vet by going to vet school

four year bachelor's degree in vet related fieldDr. of Vet MedsPass state boards exambegin practice as vet

One is to care and two is to love pets.

There are a couple of places online that one can find vet advice for house pets here are some: mypetED, PET informed, VETS direct, PDSA vet care, BLUE cross, Veterinary partner.

you need to have a relationship with pets.

That depends on the pet. Ask the vet.

I wouldn't recommend anyone to give their pets human medication. Take your pets to a vet to get professional help.

Phone you local vet and ask them, as they will be in contact with organisations/charities that specialise in re-homing unwanted pets.

The beginning vet salary in Texas is around 41,000 dollars. As a vet gains experience, or goes into private practice, this salary will increase.

Being a vet is complicated. It's not simple at all! You have to take care of pets, and oh! its too much to explain.

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NEVER self medicate your pets. Phone the vet and ask this question. Your vet may ask you to bring your cat in and you should do so.

One can play vet games online on 'MiniClip', the world wide leader in vet games online. The website has thousands of games to choose from and is used by many people.

A female vet makes the same amount as a male vet. Most veterinarians make around 80,000 dollars a year and more if they have their own practice.

Cody would bring it to the vet and you should to so do it

see (or call) a vet. they have pain meds for pets.

Check yellow pages or ask neighbors who have pets where they bring their animals.

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