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How do you please a girl?

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Different strategies work for different guys with different girls, get off the computer and figure it out for yourself, because that's really the only way you'll learn.

2011-01-04 01:44:28
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How do you marry a Vietnamese girl?

In a way that would please the girl.

How do you please your girl?

boy!!!! the only way to please a girl is to treat her nice and be a gentle man to her girls like that am a girl and i like boys who are gentleman..girls dig that

How do you get a girl we?

Please re-phrase.

Can a 7 inch penis please a girl?

Yes, a 7 inch penis is more than enough to please a girl. its not the size that matters, its how you do it.

Miley Cyrus do you know if its a girl please tell me?

Miley Cyrus is a girl

Can 5 inches please a girl?


Transform the words girl standing under into a new word please?

understanding girl

How do you say Please forgive me in Lebanese?

Arjook (arjooki for a girl) Samihni(Samhini for a girl)

How do you please a girl sexually?

don't it makes them uncomfortable

When do you know a girl like you?

Please reword your question.

How do you please your girl friend?

Treat her like a lady.

What do you say after you have kissed a girl?

That will be 5 dollars, please.

What is the greatest way to please a girl?

Spend time with her

How do you sexually please your girl?

ask trevor mcwanda

Who likes bruno mars?

Me,please me song

What was the meaning of the song girl by john Lennon?

The song was about a girl who expected her man to basically do the impossible to please her, while she made little or no effort to please him, and it made him frustrated.

Is Elisha Otis a boy or a girl?

He is a boy!! Please do not call him a girl, he would be offended!!

What is the easiest way to please someone?

ask them what they would like in a girl or boy friend and be that girl/ boy

How do you re ask out a girl?

give me answers people please =-]=-]=-]=-]

How do you say please in Egypt?

metfaudlak for a guy and metfaudlek for a girl =]

What year was the Bahamas invented?

Please help you girl and guys!!

How to find a girl accept the proposal?

Get on your knees and beg her please

How can a fat girl please her man?

by giving him good sex

How do you become a famous singer at 10 and you are a girl?

Please don't.

11 and so horny how do you please yourself?

are you a boy or a girl?