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If you can take the hardware off the door and the door right off the frame. If you can't then use masking tape and tape all the hardware. Door knobs can be taken right off (2 screws on each side.) If there is existing paint on the door and it looks OK and is the same type of paint you are planning on using (oil on oil or latex on latex ... water based paint) then you don't need to sand. If the door is in bad shape with a few little holes, heavy scratches, etc., then it's best to give the door a good sanding first and then be sure you wash off the dust with soapy water and it's dry if you are using oil based paint (you don't have to worry about the door being damp if you are using latex paint.) Marcy

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Q: How do you prepare a door for painting?
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Why is painting a door a physical change?

Painting a door is a physical change because the appearance of the door was changed. It is not a chemical change because it didn't chance its composition. After painting the door it still remained a door, just a different color.

How do you prepare drywall for painting?

You prime it with drywall primer.

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Is painting a door a chemical or physical change?


Is painting a door a chemical change?


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How do you reinstall oak door jam hinge after removing for painting?

We removed the hinge in the door jam before painting and now we can't line up the door correctly. The build-up of paint is not an issue.

What must I do to prepare my house's exterior for painting?

To prepare for your house's exterior painting job you need to decide how much paint you need and what color paint you want to use.

How do you prepare the surface of welded aluminum for painting?

sand and file to get a nice smooth surface

How much to charge for interior door painting on both sides?

I charge $60 for the front and back of a door. Two coats. Doors are not time consuming and are finished quickly. Painting is time consuming in closets and on ceilings. Prep is 80% of the work, painting is 20% in my opinion. This estimate is based on a door that doesn not require heavy prep.

Can you paint the interior of front door?

Yes, you can indeed paint the interior of a front door. It is best to sand the door and then use a primer before painting it in the desired color.

What is the painting in Bella's house from Twilight called?

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How to Paint an Interior Door?

After years of use, an interior door can become to look worn down and drab. Painting the door can bring back the shine and luster that was apparent when the door was new. There are some important steps to take in order to pain the interior door properly. Remove the doorknob and other hardware from the door. Place all pieces into a small plastic bag and store them out of your way. Unscrew the door from its hinges, and put the screws in a separate bag so you will know the difference when replacing the door. Set up two sawhorses to hold the interior door while you paint it. If you prefer to keep the smell of paint outside the home, the painting can be done outdoors. Just be sure the weatherman has not predicted rain, as it can take 48 hours for the paint to dry once the job is complete. If you are okay with painting indoors and have the space, set the sawhorses up in the house instead. Be sure to cover the floor of your workspace with old newspaper or plastic if you are painting inside. Clean the door using a gentle household cleaner and a rag. For wooden doors, a dusting agent can be used instead. The door must be free from dirt and dust prior to painting, or it can make the paint look dirty or like it contains bumps. Dry the entire door with a lint-free cloth. You can allow to air dry, but still make sure you wipe down the door before painting to remove any dust that could have settled back down on the surface. Begin by painting the edges of the interior door. Then, begin at the top and work your way to the bottom, painting in a vertical motion. This keeps the strokes of the paintbrush in line with the grain of the door. Allow the side to dry for at least 24 hours before doing the other side. Once the painting is complete and both sides have been allowed to dry, replace the doorknob to the door. Screw the door back on its hinges, and you have a nicely painted interior door.

Can bedroom closet doors be painted if bedroom entrance door is stained?

Sure, but you may want to consider painting the inside on the bedroom door also.

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What are the negatives of removing a door frame?

There are several negative issues of removing a door frame. It can lead to mold-related problems, appearance issues due to painting, and very expensive to repair removed door frames.

How soon can you close your car door after painting it?

Depends on the paint used. I would wait 24 hours.

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What was cut into the fresco The Last Supper resulting in the disappearance of Christ's feet?

A door was cut into the wall that had the painting on it.

What was the cut into the fresco the last supper resulting in the disappearance of Christ's feet?

A door was cut into the wall that had the painting on it.

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