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How do you prepare a globe artichoke for cooking?

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2008-01-24 03:35:44

Select artichokes with great color and the longest stems

available. Wash the artichoke. Cut the dry end off the stem,

leaving as much as you can. Cut/remove the some of the bottom

leaves (nearest the stem), removing split leaves and dried leaves

and ugly leaves. Take a knife and cut off the top two inches of the

artichoke, low enough to expose the purple "choke" in the center.

Using scissors, cut the thorny tips off all the remaining leaves.

Spread the leaves a bit so you can work on removing the "choke".

Get a spoon, a grapefruit spoon would be excellent for this, and

scrape out the "choke". The "choke" is spiky and hairy and

unappetizing and does not soften during cooking, so be sure to

remove every bit of it. I usually set them covered, tops down, in a

few inches of boiling chicken stock with a splash of lemon juice

until they are tender. To eat, scrape the meaty end of the leaves

with your teeth and then eat the delicious base and stem.

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