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Select artichokes with great color and the longest stems available. Wash the artichoke. Cut the dry end off the stem, leaving as much as you can. Cut/remove the some of the bottom leaves (nearest the stem), removing split leaves and dried leaves and ugly leaves. Take a knife and cut off the top two inches of the artichoke, low enough to expose the purple "choke" in the center. Using scissors, cut the thorny tips off all the remaining leaves. Spread the leaves a bit so you can work on removing the "choke". Get a spoon, a grapefruit spoon would be excellent for this, and scrape out the "choke". The "choke" is spiky and hairy and unappetizing and does not soften during cooking, so be sure to remove every bit of it. I usually set them covered, tops down, in a few inches of boiling chicken stock with a splash of lemon juice until they are tender. To eat, scrape the meaty end of the leaves with your teeth and then eat the delicious base and stem.

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What does globe artichoke taste like?

it tastes like artichoke that has been around the globe

What is the scientific name for artichokes?

The Artichoke (aka Globe artichoke) is "cynara scolymus", while the Jerusalem Artichoke is "helianthus tuberosus".

Globe and Jerusalem are type of what?


What is Globe Artichoke in Tamil?

ulagam kunnaipoo

How is the artichoke different from the other vegetables in the garden?

In the Globe Artichoke the flower heads are the part eaten.

Is a baby artichoke the same as a cocktail artichoke?

No, a cocktail artichoke is a standard artichoke that grows in the shadow underside of the plant. It gets less sun so it doesn't develope as large as your common globe artichoke.

How does hathi chak look like?

globe artichoke, a kind of vegetable is called hathi chak....for how does it look likes, chek images for globe artichoke instead...

What is botanical name for globe artichoke?

Cynara scolymus

Which vegetable is actually a type of thistle?

The "globe artichoke".

What is the difference between a globe artichoke and a Jerusalem artichoke?

Jerusalem artichokes aren't really artichokes, they are a root vegetable. Globe artichokes are just large, round artichokes.

What vegetabules begin with the letter g?

Garlic, Gourds, Globe Artichoke, Ginger

What is the name of Tall thistle like plant purple blooms globe artichoke?

Cardoon. Already described in Wikipedia.

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a cooking tool is anything we need to prepare our food

What is the difference between cream cheese and sour cream in cooking such as artichoke dip.?

One is a creamy the other is sour.

What does preparation help us in?

Preparation in cooking is very important. You prepare to cook it by preparing a list of ingredients you will need; you prepare the meal by cooking the foods, and you prepare the guests for eating by serving the food.

How do you prepare one dish meal?

for cooking

How does the Navajo Tribe prepare their food?

by cooking it

How did the seminole tribe prepare their food?

by cooking

What does cooking prepare us for?

for life and its challenges

How did the Lenape Indians prepare food?

cooking it

What is artichoke in Malayalam?


What are the cooking equipments?

a cooking equipment is something that we us to prepare our food that is a electronic device

Are artichokes related to sunflowers?

Yes.What's commonly referred to as an artichoke should really be called a 'globe artichoke' to differentiate it from a 'Jerusalem artichoke' and the other varieties.Sunflowers and (globe) Artichokes are from the same family Asteraceae, but so are daisies, chicory, safflower, and iceberg lettuce (and more than 20,000 other variety of plants)The globe artichoke is from a variety of Thistle; and like a sunflower, the flower part will bloom and have seeds within the bloom. We just usually happen to eat them before that happens.The Jerusalem artichoke, also called sunroot, sunchoke, earth apple or topinambour, is an actual species of sunflower classified as a type of Helianthus (a sub type of Asteraceae)Aside from the two most common types (globe and jerusalem) there are at least a dozen other types of edible artichoke with a variety of names (chinese artichoke, etc). Some are sunflowers (or would be if allowed to bloom) such as the jerusalem while others more closely resemble thistles if not harvested first.Essentially the choke can be harvested off of most variety of thistle or sunflower before it blooms, some are more edible than others. For example the Siena Artichoke has a heart soft enough to eat raw.

What is the best way to serve artichoke?

The best way to serve an artichoke is to make a dipping sauce with garlic and butter and maybe some fresh herbs. After you prepare the artichoke in boiling water, to cook it, dip the leaves in to the sauce and scrape the tiny bits of meat off of the leaves. Then, you can do the same with the heart. Bon Appetit!

What is a cocktail artichoke?

a big artichoke